Mirror Handwork on Clothes

Aabhla bharat: Mirror Handwork on Clothes

  Rajasthan is best known for its cultural heritage and various art forms. The Kings of Rajasthan were patrons of several art forms like Usta art, Aari bharat, Aabhla bharat, etc., their popularity eventually spread across the planet. Various textile arts are associated with the state. The playful threads and needle has a special place Continue reading

rajasthani quilt

Find cosiness in Rajasthani Quilts- quick look in the making

Rajasthan has number of unusual crafts and the art of feather weight Razai or Quilt tops the list. Incredibly soft and comfortable to snuggle in cool winters. Craftsmen of these special quilts are spread in different regions of the state. What makes these winter coverings so popular; perhaps, the fondness for desert and being on move Continue reading

rajasthani mable work

Rajasthan Marble Handicrafts

Rajasthan well known as the land of Rajputs is famous for its art, sculpture, and craft. Rajasthani rulers paid great respect to artists might they be indulged in any form of art. Due to this reason, many art forms have their roots developed in Rajasthan. History proves that every art form which was introduced to Continue reading


Batik- A magic recreated with wax

Batik is a technique of fabric dyeing that is making waves all round the world. Originally from Java it has flourished and drifted in to culture of migratory lands. Apart from many Asian destinations like Indian states the skill has grown popular in Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt and Japan. The uniqueness of this craft is inherited Continue reading

Miniature Painting

Miniature Paintings- Art is a religion in Rajasthan

Art is an inevitable part of human life, and one can see different shades of art in every sphere of life of folks. Rajasthan is a highlighted State of India for its exotic handmade crafts and skills. The state has a legacy of wonderful paintings developed by various classes of the societies here, which one Continue reading


Rajasthan local crafts- Jootie Industry gains

The royal land of India, Rajasthan has a tremendous cultural heritage which is displayed in almost all the facets of life here. One can see bright colours worn by the people in normal life also. One can also see beautiful artwork on the walls of the home, the architecture of havelis, palaces, temples and even Continue reading

teracotta rajasthan

Terracotta work in rajasthan

What makes Rajasthan Terracotta idols special? Terracotta is one of the oldest art forms known to human civilization. The terracotta craft is widespread in Rajasthan since the time of Indus Valley Civilization. Starting utensils for cooking to storage of water to decorative Terracotta pieces Rajasthan is famous for its extraordinary style. The terracotta industry was Continue reading


Blue pottery of Rajasthan

Welcome to Rajasthan’s handicraft heritage. The outstanding craftworks involve exclusive artistic pieces of blue pottery which is one of the most sought after obsession. Blue pottery is the name derived from the blue-colored dye used in manufacturing these items. The blue color is obtained by Cobalt Oxide. The patterns and motifs on the blue pottery Continue reading