Tijara Fort, Alwar

Tijara Fort, Alwar

On the royal land of Rajasthan there are lots of places which are with unmatched qualities, but yet unexplored by the tourists. One of such places is the Tijara Fort of Alwar. Nature’s bounty in countryside and Tijara Fort as a stony dot produce picture perfect view. This historical place is a part of Tijara Continue reading


Chittorgarh Fort – The Pride of Rajasthan…

Usually, many people find history to be a boring subject. We can imagine how dry it could be for any person to read about kings belonging to the past, a series of dancing digits representing historical years and loads of weird names of alien kings. But here is an opportunity to change even the perceptions Continue reading


Bala ka quila

If you love historical areas and want to see the ancient cultural heritage, the best place is Rajasthan where a number of architectural monuments are standing still that can offer one beautiful experience to view the royal palaces, forts, and Havelis closely. There are lots of places here where one can find magnificent structure. The Continue reading

jaisalmer suryagarh

Suryagarh Heritage Fort

Sun-kissed dunes, folk music, and dry terrain of Jaisalmer have been attraction for travelers. The impressive fort, palace, havelis and expansive Thar Desert live up timeless grandeur. Suryagarh fort which has the magnificence of Rajput architecture welcomes tourists in the traditional aura of Rajasthan. This stunning yellow sandstone structure is located on the outskirts of Continue reading

Deeg Palace

‘Deeg’ing deep into the past

There goes an old saying among the Jats: “He who remembers his Jat history, honours his parents and ancestors. He who forgets his Jat history, spits on his parents and ancestors.” Often considered as the ‘purest of Aryans in India’ by historians and frequently mentioned in the Vedas and Indian mythologies, the Jats have but Continue reading


Mehrangarh Fort

The palaces, brawny fort and various well sculpted attractions set in the landscape of Thar Desert welcomes you to Rajasthan. Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur is the largest fort of Rajasthan. It provides fortification from external forces. This iconic structure has piles of legends and stately workmanship associated with it. Even when the mercury soars in Continue reading

Junagarh Fort

A silver cloud daring the dark…

Junagarh Fort is a sturdy structure built on a plain surface which is bordered by the mighty Thar Desert from one side and the malevolent Aravalli Range from the other – this is a statement which is thoroughly precise and true as per geographical facts, and yet is the most misleading sentence for any reader. Continue reading


Taragarh fort

War and Peace The history of Rajputs is occluded with episodes of battles and bloodshed. This martial race had and still continues to have fierce pride in its lineage and traditions. Never one to capitulate before the foreign invaders, the Rajputs embraced war and carnage with joy to safeguard their honor and freedom. To participate Continue reading