teej procession

Festivity of Teej in Jaipur- Teej Mata Procession

Teej the most remarkable festival of Rajasthan is a packet of joy and vibrancy. This festival has a unique glory in Jaipur with the famed Teej Mata Procession. Women dressed in traditional Rajasthani outfits, laden with fashion jewelry carrying Kalash (pitcher), palanquin and band music make anyone fall in love with. Teej is a popular Continue reading

Gangaur festival(1)

Gangaur – The Grandeur of Rajasthan…

India in itself is known for its rich and varied heritage, isn’t it? Here is yet another ritual in the name of religion for us to relish about and Gangaur it is. What is so significant about this festival that can be distinguished from other begetting celebrations from across the terrain? What relevance do our Continue reading