Pichwai- The temple Art

Pichwai- The temple Art

Pichwai- The temple Art Nathdwara – the town famous for Shrinathji Temple and Pichwai paintings is scenic destination nestled in Aravalli Hills on the banks of River Banas. Paintings are work of art that documents social culture or movement. Pichwai is an artful creation specifically created in the love of god. Its name itself describes Continue reading

camel Leather

Usta art of Bikaner (Camel Leather Art)

The land of Rajasthan is a perfect destination for those who love history and culture. Beauty is soaked in various art and crafts one can find in the state. May it be a building, or a piece of fabric, food or the routine life of the people, art and culture are spread everywhere. One of Continue reading

rajasthani quilt

Find cosiness in Rajasthani Quilts- quick look in the making

Rajasthan has number of unusual crafts and the art of feather weight Razai or Quilt tops the list. Incredibly soft and comfortable to snuggle in cool winters. Craftsmen of these special quilts are spread in different regions of the state. What makes these winter coverings so popular; perhaps, the fondnessĀ for desert and being on move Continue reading

Handloom Weaving – An art of Rajasthan to woo

India is known for her various forms of art. When talking about India how can one forget about Rajasthan? Rajasthan is known as the hub of arts and crafts. There are lots of colors that one can see in the culture and routine of life of people here. There are lots of areas where one Continue reading

Tie-Dye (Bandhej/Leheriya)

Tie-Dye (Bandhej/Leheriya)

Those who love art and culture of India, one of the most important places to visit is the state of Rajasthan. The state is known for a number of matters related to art, architecture, culture and royal heritage. It is a land where one can find various colors of life in almost all the areas. Continue reading

Handmade Wooden Toys

Rajasthan Handmade Wooden Toys

The land of Kings, Rajasthan, usually is believed as a place with many legends, palaces, and forts. There are museums and a lot of areas within buildings that have adorable collection of masterpieces of great hand work. Well, each exhibited work of art truly narrates the richness of traditions and the legacy carrying from generation Continue reading

Gota Patti

Threads and Needles work of Rajasthan- Gota Patti

Rajasthan, the land of golden sand is famed for its creative crafts that colours life of natives. Significant level of creativity of these art pieces reflects traditions of Rajasthani culture. Traditional costumes lehenga-choli is identity of Rajasthan women. It is stitched from rich decorative embroidery on simple but bright coloured fabric. The bling in conventional Continue reading


Hand Made Jewelry: Kundan-Meena

Hand Made Jewelry: Kundan-Meena Rajasthan has the glitter of gemstones and great jeweler heritage. It is not famous for just palaces, temples, or Havelis but also has beautiful arts in various sectors. The erstwhile rulers have given great support to artisans of various crafts and arts that developed a different culture. The patronage of these Continue reading

rajasthani mable work

Rajasthan Marble Handicrafts

Rajasthan well known as the land of Rajputs is famous for its art, sculpture, and craft. Rajasthani rulers paid great respect to artists might they be indulged in any form of art. Due to this reason, many art forms have their roots developed in Rajasthan. History proves that every art form which was introduced to Continue reading


Batik- A magic recreated with wax

Batik is a technique of fabric dyeing that is making waves all round the world. Originally from Java it has flourished and drifted in to culture of migratory lands. Apart from many Asian destinations like Indian states the skill has grown popular in Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt and Japan. The uniqueness of this craft is inherited Continue reading