Adhai Din Ka Jhopda

Adhai Din Ka Jhopda is a Mosque positioned in Ajmer city of Rajasthan, its construction was initiated by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak in 1192 CE with the orders of Muhammad Ghori. What makes it worth visiting is the fact that this mosque has been one of the oldest surviving monuments present in Ajmer. Developed on the ruins Continue reading

Junagarh Fort

A silver cloud daring the dark…

Junagarh Fort is a sturdy structure built on a plain surface which is bordered by the mighty Thar Desert from one side and the malevolent Aravalli Range from the other – this is a statement which is thoroughly precise and true as per geographical facts, and yet is the most misleading sentence for any reader. Continue reading

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Discerning the Lord in his manifest…

“India is the cultural pioneer of the entire world with tradition as its trademark and religion as its backbone.” This is a proclamation made by Swami Vivekananda in his tour to the western countries, which was rendered with an intention to establish its spiritual prowess. In fact, the origin of India’s religious conventions dates back Continue reading


Sunahri kothi

There are beautiful structures created by the Kings of Rajasthan in past which have architecture work that can mesmerize the visitors by its beautiful carving and shapes on the stone. In those days when the technology was limited but high quality performance was assured the kings were also known as great patronage of such craftsmen Continue reading

Institute For Research on Arbic and Persian

The art and culture are vast subjects and display the cultural heritage of the area. The Indian State Rajasthan has huge cultural heritage and the government of Rajasthan also take all the necessary actions to preserve the art and promote languages such as Arabic and Persian. In this direction the state government has established an Continue reading


Taragarh fort

War and Peace The history of Rajputs is occluded with episodes of battles and bloodshed. This martial race had and still continues to have fierce pride in its lineage and traditions. Never one to capitulate before the foreign invaders, the Rajputs embraced war and carnage with joy to safeguard their honor and freedom. To participate Continue reading


Bhangarh – The Ghost Fort on Jaipur Alwar Highway

Haunted places or spooky destination are the most exciting places to visit. Though most of the people do not dare to travel a haunted destination this deserted town is a tourist attraction. However, for some, it is fun to explore the existence of ghost. Since childhood, you have heard numerous ghost stories, but Bhangarh has Continue reading


Moti Magri – The Memorial Monument

Are you a historian? Interested in visiting places of historical significance? Wish to cite an embodiment of courage and faith? Or desire sightseeing Udaipur? You wouldn’t like to miss this out then. Moti Magri – the monument built in the memorial of the renowned of Rajput Heroes, Maharana Pratap and his dearest companion, Chetak, the Continue reading