nChuru ka Kila –where silver fireballs were used t

Churu ka Kila –where silver fireballs were used to fight opponents

There are a number of attractions for tourists in the State of Rajasthan. This land of Kings has lots of forts, palaces, museums and temples that are worldwide famous for their architecture and other qualities. To visit all of them is almost a task for months for an individual. The majority of the tourists visit Continue reading

Umaid Bhavan(1)

As you sow, So shall you reap

The Rajput Maharajas of India were known to place their honour and courage in the forefront and loyalty to their country and subjects at the peak. Many Rajput rulers, as well as Maratha kings undertook many battles as well as constructive projects to safeguard the dignity and survival of their people. One such distinctive example Continue reading


Bala ka quila

If you love historical areas and want to see the ancient cultural heritage, the best place is Rajasthan where a number of architectural monuments are standing still that can offer one beautiful experience to view the royal palaces, forts, and Havelis closely. There are lots of places here where one can find magnificent structure. The Continue reading


Surprising facts about great warrior king- Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap, the brave warrior is a well known face of the Indian History especially Mewar and Shekhawati region. He was born to Udai Singh on 9th May 1950 and was the eldest of 33 children. The nobles in the court desired him as the next king than his brother, Shakti Singh who was the Continue reading


Hooded by the Great Wall of India

Did you know that India has its great wall too? Coming just after the Great Wall of China, the great wall of India is the second longest continuous wall in the world, running for over 36 kilometers around the fort it safeguards. Both the walls were built on similar grounds- for protection and defense. Having Continue reading

jagdish temple

Jagdish temple of Udaipur

“Only the unlearned deem myself (Vishnu) and Shiva to be distinct; he, I, and Brahma are one, assuming different names for the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. We, as the triune Self, pervade all creatures; the wise therefore regard all others as themselves.” ~ Vishnu explains the Nature of the Trinity (Trimurti) ~ Continue reading

Deeg Palace

‘Deeg’ing deep into the past

There goes an old saying among the Jats: “He who remembers his Jat history, honours his parents and ancestors. He who forgets his Jat history, spits on his parents and ancestors.” Often considered as the ‘purest of Aryans in India’ by historians and frequently mentioned in the Vedas and Indian mythologies, the Jats have but Continue reading