Laal maans

Rajasthani food that grow you strong like warriors

Strength, stamina, built and courage were the words explaining much about the qualities of a warrior. Rajasthan people were largely Rajputs which were warriors so to provide strength to fight in the war Non-vegetarian food became their staple diet. Non-veg are high protein diet. Meat being the easiest source of energy in this desert land Continue reading


Explore the Sweet Flavours on Plate from Rajasthan

The royal Rajasthan treasure many colours in gatronomical delights from the imperial kitchen, be it vegetarian, non-veg main course or sweets. Each of the delicacy re-lives the memories of this State of The Royals. One must be thankful to the Royal kitchen of Rajasthan, who has left behind a legacy of various foods varieties, may Continue reading

Street food)


Every corner of the world has its special food items which are sold at every second joint of the city or place. These local and easy to find snacks are fast to make and even eaten while you are on the go or sometimes just to have a break. Talking about the street food of Continue reading


Desert method of cooking that would amaze you

Barbeque, roast, grill are the popular methods of cooking any kind of meat since ages, all around the world. Every region has its own peculiarity of cooking nonvegetarian delicacies. Here is a unique roasting method of meat used in Rajasthan. Every recipe and its respective cooking method are age-old as all these have been followed Continue reading



India is the country of varieties. It has many states each one being different from the other as regards to languages, dresses,cuisines, etc. Mewar, in Rajasthan, being one of the very important areas, is known for its Royal Heritage and Culinary specialities. Mewari Cuisine is best known for its spices and the ingredients they use Continue reading


Globally Popular Vegetarian Marvels of Rustic Rajasthan

The land of Maharajas has always been known for classy delicacies with authentic taste of spices and a pinch of exclusive hospitality. Indeed, the aromatic cuisine of Rajasthan has been influenced by lifestyle of the inhabitants and the availability of vegetation in the concerned area. The scenario has been such that the food to last Continue reading


Food culture of Rajasthan

The exotic tastes of Rajasthan tickles tongue of foodies. Though Rajasthani food is perfect mix of sweet and spices; bright red chillies are basic tastemaker and coloring agent in most of the recipes. Here one must see another side of the life of people which can display their interest in art, colors and food. Basically Continue reading


Vibrant Cuisine themes in Restaurants of Jaipur

What is theme based restaurants? They are the ones where the concept takes centre stage over everything else. It has a significant amount of bearing on the architecture, food, drinks, service levels and not forgetting to mention the ambience part as well. These restaurants have an incredible set up that can be summed up in Continue reading