chambal adventure festival

Chamble Adventure Festival

Rajasthan attracts tourists with its rich culture and colourful tradition. But this diverse terrain also provides some great activities for adventure. Adventure tourism is something that is being explored recently with unique approach of fairs and festivals.
As Fairs and festival are an integral part of the culture in Rajasthan, hence the festivals celebrated in Kota becomes an occasion for the travelers to witness the rich and colorful culture and traditions of the people of Kota. The folks celebrate all major festival like Deepawali, Dussera, Holi etc. with much enthusiasm.
Kota is a princely city of the state of Rajasthan. It is famous for its Dussehra festival, especially for the Ramlila finale, when 75 feet tall, cracker-stuffed statue of 10-headed Ravana along with his brother Kumbhkarana and his son Meghnadh are set to fire. Secondly, for Chambal Adventure festival organized in the month of February every year.
The event organized on the bank of the Chambal river, gives spine chilling moments which you can not forget for life. The festival is participated by many professional sportsmen and army men. The main purpose of this festival is just to boost the Rajasthan tourism and invite more and more people from different states and countries. The adventure activities in this fair are breathtaking. Some of the dangerous and daring events take place in the Chambal Lake like Parasailing, rafting, Kayaking and water skiing which is enjoyed by the spectators of the fair.
Travelers from all around the world visit Rajasthan to attend this adventurous festival. The sports lovers can have a good time at this fair where they can meet professional sportsmen or see their skills in front of their eyes. The thrill and adventure during this festival cannot be explained in words. Travelers can also take experience of boating in the Chambal river through the gorges of the Vindhayan plateau, or float high up in the air for a bit of aerial sightseeing over heritage cities either in a small aircraft or in hot air balloons.
This adventure festival is organized by the tourism department where exhibitions, Art fair, sports events are showcased in this three-day long adventure festival.
The majestic Chambal river is the lifeline of Kota. From the Jawahar Sagar to Dholpur, the intricate channel work of the Chambal river, flowing through golden, rocky gorges and dense forests, provides an ideal destination for water sports. While traversing the river by boat, one can view crocodiles basking in the sun on the river banks. The mere presence of water and the greenery is a relaxing experience.
Unlike other fair in Rajasthan, Chambal adventure festival is extraordinary, unique and full of amusement. It is paradise for adventurous sport lover as the event is witnessed by expert professionals, sport person and troops of army personnel. During festival tourist enjoys the thrill of sporting and the panoramic view of the Chambal Lake.
Apart from water adventure sport visitors can enjoy the thrill of rock climbing, gliding, and trekking, angling and rural excursion. This Chambal Adventure Kota gives a wonderful time in Rajasthan to the visitors and gives a lifetime memory of India tour.
The area around Bundi especially the Ramgarh Sanctuary, Talwas Lake, Jait Sagar, Dugari or the rocky slopes of Jhar Mahadev, Ajit Garh or Taragarh Fort is best suited for a safari. One can also take camel or elephant ride and enjoy the view around.
How to Reach Kota Rajasthan?
Kota is well connected with the nearby places by National Highway 12 and National Highway no. 76. One can easily get buses to reach Kota. It has its own railway station and is well connected with the rest of the parts of India.
There is also an airport in Kota but it is only for chartered planes.

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