Kolayat Fair Bikaner

Kolayat Fair Bikaner


Rajasthan, the largest state of India, not only in land area but in versatile culture, substantially reflects enthusiasm in every event celebrated here. The deserts, palaces and museums and above all the unique fairs and festival have created vibrant image of Rajasthan. The state is well famous for its customs and style that offers a lot of attractions for the visitors.

It doubtlessly includes some great monuments and museums, palaces and forts as well as temples. There is also another attraction of this land which is not available physically but it is there in the air. It is nothing but the way of festival celebration. The colour of happiness on the face of people, and the way they celebrate it creates a wonderful scene for the viewers.

People here also love to enjoy the auspicious day of the festival with each other and love to go to the fairs. There are a number of towns as well as cities where one can see beautiful fairs and gathering of people in a large number with colourful clothes and smiling faces all over. The fairs here have numerous attractions for locals as well as foreigners. That is why a number of people visit this land on days of festivals to witness the true culture in the spirit of festival as well as fair.

One such famous fair is Kolayat Fair organized in Kolayat, Bikaner. This fair is considered as significantly important for the people residing in Bikaner. People wait for Kolayat fair with excitement. Tourists visiting Rajasthan at the time of Kolayat fair also spend a great time. Some people also refer this fair as ‘Kapil Muni Fair’. This fair is not only for leisure and excursion, but it also has a religious interpretation. Many people visit the fair to take holy bath at Kolayat Lake. People of Bikaner believe that if one bath in Lake Kolayat then all his/her sins are washed away. According to the ancient scriptures, this place is also referred as Kapilayatan. The proof of this name is found in ancient Puranas and other scriptures.

Kolayat fair at Bikaner is the largest fair organized in Rajasthan. The Kolayar fair is held on Kartik Purnima. During the fair, all the 52 ghats are decorated with diyas. Diyas make the ghats look attractive and give an enhanced exposure to the view. This fair is also good for photography lovers because one can get splendid images of the fair due to the beautiful decoration. That is why a number of foreign as well as local photographers to enjoy the best of the moments for clicking some amazing images.

One can feel the presence of Rajasthan’s customs and culture in everything around. Not only that, Rajasthan is also famous for the beauty of nature. The forts of the Rajasthan prove the courage and sacrifice of the rulers of Rajasthan. By visiting Rajasthan, one can get an altogether experience of all the amazing things mentioned above. For seeing Rajasthan in its true colours, one should necessarily visit the fairs organized in Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan are passionate about celebrating fairs. In every fair, the experts of various art forms come from distant corners of Rajasthan to showcase their skills.

The administration here starts the preparation of the Kolayat fair and decoration very early. People although love to enjoy the fair at the same time also do not forget to praise the almighty at various temples and hence the temples in the surrounding areas also get flooded with devotees all the time. Due to the size of the fair and its background the Kolayat fair is famous in the state of Rajasthan as well as nearby states.

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