Pandupole Mela

Pandupole Mela

The state of Rajasthan is much famous for its cultural heritage across India as well as globally. The primary attractions here are doubtlessly forts, palaces and architecture marvels in various forms, but the local culture and routine life of people are also equally colorful. People here love to celebrate various festivals with great pride and joy. This is one of the reasons why there are so many fairs held in this area. Some of the fairs are so much famous that they are visited by people from nearby states also. One of such fair is known as Pandupole Fair or Pandupole Mela.

To understand this fair one needs to know the roots of it which are as old as your forefathers. As per the Hindu mythology, there are two important epics which are known as Ramayan and Mahabharat. The Pandupole Mela has its roots in Mahabharat. Basically, one can see here a temple of Lord Hanuman which is also known as Monkey God and considered as an immortal incarnation of Lord Shiva. This Temple is situated in the Alwar District of Rajasthan and it is around 35 kilometres from the railway station of Alwar. Here the idol of Lord Hanuman is worshipped by the devotees.

The temple is very simple and without any particular attractive architecture. It is believed to be a 5000-year-old temple and founded by Sant Nirbhaya Dasji who was a famous saint of this area. The idol here is much different than many other Hanuman temples across the country as Lord can be seen here in sleeping position which is not such a common idol form of Lord Hanuman. People have great faith in the almighty here and worship to fulfill their wishes.

Built by Pandavs: Know the incident

There is a legend associated with the temple, and hence it is also being promoted as a leading tourist destination. As per the legend of Mahabharat, during the exile period of Pandavas they had visited this area. Among all the five Pandav brothers, Bheem was considered as much stronger and had pride in his strength and capabilities. Once Bheem was passing by this area, he saw an old monkey lying in his way. He asked the monkey to move away from his path, but the monkey refused, saying that he is too old and feeble to move so it will be better if Bheem can pick him with the help of his tail and move him to a side of the road. Such statement from a monkey hurt the pride of Bheem, and he immediately tried to pull the monkey from his tail, but despite all his efforts, he was not able to move the monkey tail a little bit also. Understanding the powers of monkey, he apologised to him and asked for his introduction when Lord Hanuman came to his real form and blessed Bheem. It is believed that this incident took place at this location only and later the Pandavas also built the temple and gate here. Hence it is known as Pandupole temple.


There are a few festivals celebrated here, and this fair is held on the fourth and fifth day of Bhadrapad Month of Hindu calendar. The devotees offer Dal, Bati, and Churma to the God and seek his blessings. They tie a small thread on the wrist, which is believed as blessings of the Lord that can protect the wearer from evil powers and harmful supernatural things. There are also festivals of Ramnavmi and Hanuman Jayanti as well as Navaratri celebrated at the temple. The temple is also surrounded by natural beauty, and hence people also come here to have a single day picnic.

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