The brilliance of Tarkashi Art Form


Rajasthan is a state that looks vibrant with its art forms and ethnic cuisines. Promoted with famous phrase “Padharo Mhare Des” (Welcome to My State), it has always been noted for world class wonders. Talking about the art form, one can take their pick from mirror work to marble carvings to tie-dye prints to Tarkashi work on the wooden handicrafts. Here, let’s discuss about an exquisite art form called Tarkashi. Well, it has the ability to transform plain wooden furnishings into a royal masterpiece. Considering the royal factor, Kings and Queens of Rajasthan as well as many others were noted admirers of Tarkashi. This is the reason that they formed a part of their palaces and forts.

Tarkashi is said to be a common sight in the shops of Jaipur, its magnificence can be seen on tables, trays, boxes, almirah and even chairs made out of wooden material. Being an essential part of the antique furnishings, it has been quite admired by everyone. Indeed, Tarkashi is well-defined by copper and brass engraved work that looks simply magnetic. Classifying beauty to the utmost level, Tarkashi is meant to add ethnic beauty to the entire interior designing. The subtle metal wood combination has the ability to captivate onlookers with the artistic skill of Rajasthan artisans.

Intricate Work of Tarkashi:

Tarkashi is an intricate art of Rajasthan. By making use of glittery metal wires set in the wooden panel some of the most intricate patterns crafted on the furniture, Tarkashi has managed to win hearts because of its high-end appealing nature. When it comes to creating exotic designs on the wood, dark coloured Sheesham is used as base. It is because this wood has high amount of oil content allowing the inlaid material to be gripped excellently. Moreover, it tends to provide durability to the magnificent work of art. At the time of making patterns, thicker wires are used for crafting outlines; whereas, thin and fine wires are needed for inner designs. After completing the designer pattern on the Sheesham wood, the entire furnishing is polished and sold further in the market.

Historical Significance of Tarkashi:

Early instances of Tarkashi were exceptionally seen some 500 years ago with wooden sandals (Khadau) being intricately woven with golden and silver wires. They were worn by the Hindu saints. From there, it started catching attention for the scintillating appeal. Rising to glory in the time of Mughals, Tarkashi became quite prevalent. It was the desire of kings and emperors of Jaipur to get their furnishings and doors carved with gold as well as silver wires. In order to fulfil their demand, artisans from Mainpuri, Sawai Madhopur II and Uttar Pradesh were called upon in Jaipur. This was the place that escalated the magnificence of Tarkashi carving to great heights.

Existing Charm of Tarkashi:

Extending from the boundaries of Rajasthan, Tarkashi carving centres have also been set up in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and varied other states. In fact, the magnetic beauty of the art is such that people are going gaga over its appeal. Quite famous with the traditional art lovers, it has been adorning even curtains now. Well, buying a piece of furnishing with Tarkashi art work will surely augment your interiors of home and office. Representing class and intricacy to the max, this art form has been acknowledged globally too. If you are visiting Jaipur; then, taking home a masterpiece beautified with Tarkashi is a must. After all, it is one of the most beautiful art forms of India having a long historical significance.

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