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Usta art of Bikaner (Camel Leather Art)

The land of Rajasthan is a perfect destination for those who love history and culture. Beauty is soaked in various art and crafts one can find in the state. May it be a building, or a piece of fabric, food or the routine life of the people, art and culture are spread everywhere. One of such area is the leather craft of Rajasthan. There are a number of items made by camel leather. The state of Rajasthan is close to Indian Desert, and hence lots of camels are found here.

The camel is a highly useful animal in this area, even after the death of a camel, its leather is also equally useful. There are thousands of items made of camel leather by expert artists mainly in Bikaner. The art of making items from the camel leather is also known as Usta art. There are many centres in this state where one can find these artists who make beautiful art pieces from the camel leather.

The history of Bikaner Leather industry dates back to thousands of years. Bikaner is also known for a variety of coloured products available. When one wishes to buy leather items, he/she should definitely visit the leather market of Bikaner. A variety of products are made of leather which includes key chains, mobile phone covers, mojris, jootis, iPod covers, etc. The diaries manufactured using pure camel leather are exported across the globe. There are numerous other cities of Rajasthan in which leather items can be found one such city is Jaipur.

The flourishing leather industry in Bikaner is due to the collective efforts of both men and women. Men are responsible for cutting, tanning, and stitching of camel leather. Women do the embroidery and shaping of camel leather. One can buy camel leather products at Kote Gate and Junagarh fort. In earlier days the entire process was handmade but in the modern days, there are many artists who have deployed various machines to process the leather and increase the production. Considering the demand of these items in foreign countries, many of the artists also export these artifacts.

While buying camel leather items, one has to take special care about the quality and cost of the camel leather product. In Bikaner market, one can find the best quality of camel leather products. Camel leather items are available in a wide variety of colors and wearing such items can make you look both trendy and traditional. The Bikaneri artists are also influenced by modern art forms and are into contemporary designs and embroidery.

The leather items of Bikaner are available in various designs, framework, styles and colors. The camel leather plays a significant role in the manufacturing of musical instruments like Dhol, table, and kamaycha. All these instruments are used by Rajasthani folk singers and musicians. The Bikaneri camel leather shoes are famous worldwide. Collapsible chairs manufactured from camel leather are also very famous. If one wishes to gift something to his dear ones, a camel leather product is the best choice.


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