Handmade Wooden Toys

Rajasthan Handmade Wooden Toys

The land of Kings, Rajasthan, usually is believed as a place with many legends, palaces, and forts. There are museums and a lot of areas within buildings that have adorable collection of masterpieces of great hand work. Well, each exhibited work of art truly narrates the richness of traditions and the legacy carrying from generation to generation.

Rajasthan is a land of art and craftsmen. There are a lot of arts which have developed in Rajasthan. Kings of Rajasthan have paid keen attention to the development of several structural and craft type of art forms. Rajasthan is a hub for many forms of art. There are different arts such as embroidery, dye and tie makings, wooden carvings, leather art and beautiful paintings. The people of this state doubtlessly love a colorful life, but at the same time skilled in number of arts. One such art is wooden toy manufacturing which is practiced in many cities of Rajasthan.

Kids love to play with toys, but plastic toys harm their health. In ancient days, plastic was not in existence kids used to play with wooden toys. These toys still attract not only kids but adults too. Wooden toys were a tradition that dates long back in time. Excavators have found the remains of several wooden toys and dolls while excavating in Rajasthan. The remains of these toys have made them think about the great art that has developed here in the ancient times as well. As far as Rajasthan is concerned, the local arts and crafts are an integral part of the human life here.

Toy Making Process

Manufacturing of wooden toys requires special types of skills. One needs to draw a particular shape on a piece of wood first. After the drawing is done, the wood needs to be carved precisely to give the exact shape of some animals or bird. Wooden toys shaped like deities are also used as idols in small temples. Wood used for toy making shouldn’t be too much porous. The porous wood structure seems in the breaking of toys. Wooden toys are manufactured in two types’ hollow toy and solid toy. Hollow wooden toys are given to small kids. Small kids have a habit of putting toys in the mouth, so hollow toys prevent kids from choking. Puppet shows in Rajasthan use very pretty looking puppets. These puppets are manufactured from wood. The puppets have big eyes and shiny clothes that depict the human physical characteristics. Wooden toys are available in various sizes and shapes.Baby girls adorn wooden dolls and love to beautify them.

Wooden dolls are manufactured in Udaipur. Wooden imitation of dry fruits is made in Udaipur as well which looks exactly like original dry fruits. Bassi town of Chattisgarh is also a hub for wooden toys. Wooden toys are dyed and cast to look better, and such toys are loved by children. Teak and Chir wood are used to manufacture wooden toys. These wood types are considered as the best types. The wood is also not that easy to shape in the desired manner, but for these artists, it is just like a games play as they have years of experience in the field. They know how to cut, what to cut and where to cut, which can lead them to turn the piece of wood into a masterpiece of art in just a few minutes.

The wooden toy manufacturers referred as Suthars create many types of different wooden toys. The carpenters are skilled in selecting the type of wood used and are expert in carving of wood.

Many of the artists who prepare the wooden toys are in this business for a number of generations and their forefathers were also entertaining the erstwhile rulers with their great skills of shaping the wood and creating the wooden toys.

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