Hand Made Jewelry: Kundan-Meena

Hand Made Jewelry: Kundan-Meena

Rajasthan has the glitter of gemstones and great jeweler heritage. It is not famous for just palaces, temples, or Havelis but also has beautiful arts in various sectors. The erstwhile rulers have given great support to artisans of various crafts and arts that developed a different culture. The patronage of these kings helped the art as well as the artisans to develop various segments of different arts.

The jewelry manufacturing art of India dates back to 5000 years. In that duration, people’s cravings fortify to titivate their beauty. Due to such immense feeling, the art of jewelry manufacturing came into existence. Since that time jewelry has become a must hold the property for women. Indian women love wearing different types of ornaments including bangles, earrings, nose-rings, etc.

From the time when Rajasthan, the land of art has held its top place amongst the most beautiful ornament manufacturing center there are huge varieties of embellishments are available in gold and silver as well as other metals. The well famed Rajasthan Jadau jewelry or the ornaments made of Kundan and Meena art are awesome to create a complete ethnic look and image. They hold great value since the work is done by specialized artist hands.

Since a long time Indian jewelers hold a kind of expertise in manufacturing ornaments. This expertise can be seen as a flawless finishing, accurate shaping and lustrous surface of the ornament. Handmade Jewellery has been an attraction in modern days. Women love to wear handmade jewellery and treasure its possession and Rajasthani Kundan-Meena artwork tops their choice. It is during the rule of Mughal Emperors when the Kundan artwork of ornaments became well known in Rajasthan. With the increase in Kundan, ornaments demand many craftsmen migrated to Rajasthan and since then Rajasthan has become a hub for ornaments.

Rajasthani rulers are known for their love of art. Kings of Rajasthan gave patronage to Kundan-Meena artwork. Due to such humble approach, many craftsmen took interest in Kundan-Meena ornament artwork. Some Kings also had special schools opened for teaching the art to craftsmen.

The traditional Kundan Meena ornaments are known for extraordinary stones embedded on one side and minute meenakari on the other side. The most important part of Kundankari is the setting of gems into empty spaces of ghat. The ghat is prepared from highly refined gold (24 k). Kundankari is an art which requires several different persons to do a particular work with perfection. Chiteria people decide the basic design of the jewelry. Ghaaria people then make ghat of the ornament. Kundankars do colourful enamelling (Meenakari) on the ornament. Sunars decide what amount of gold is required for the manufacturing of ornament. Jadiyas also known as stone setters set the stones like topaz, emerald, ruby, rock crystal, etc. on the ornaments.

There are skilled artisans in this state that have produced some superb collector pieces that can be seen in a jewelry lover bijoux box. The craft experts keep on designing numerous modern designs that help these traditional artisans to add a hint of modernity in creating some beautiful pieces of art. The ornaments made by these artists have nowadays crossed geographical boundaries also, and many foreigners also love to wear this jewellery on various occasions.

There are many stores in almost all the areas in leading cities of the country that sell Kundan jewellery. They are luxury to own but less costly yet pretty options are available in metal jewellery. These ornaments are available in different price ranges with a lot of designs that can doubtlessly impress the wearers as well as a passerby.

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