Miniature Painting

Miniature Paintings- Art is a religion in Rajasthan

Art is an inevitable part of human life, and one can see different shades of art in every sphere of life of folks. Rajasthan is a highlighted State of India for its exotic handmade crafts and skills. The state has a legacy of wonderful paintings developed by various classes of the societies here, which one can witness even today. The miniature painting has grew Rajasthan on International crafts map. The artwork is not seen just in local homes and offices but also in abroad.
This land has produced brave warriors, efficient kings, great saints, amazing poets and master artists. Rajasthan is respected for the valuable contribution to the art. Every region of the state is blessed with a unique art.
Origin and growth of Miniature art
The art of miniature painting was introduced in India by Mughal rulers. Miniature paintings were originated from Persia. The artists from Persia were known to be the best miniature artists across the globe. During the 16th Century, Mughal Emperor Humayun invited the artists from Persia to India and expanded the art. Mughals were art lovers. The subsequent emperor Akbar built a foundation for the art and promoted the painting style to a great extent. He asked the Persian artists to teach the art to Indian artists. Indian artists are known to be the providers of an extraordinary style and royal look. The miniature paintings by Indian artists are known as Rajput or Rajasthani miniature which depicts the glory of Mughal rulers.
During that time, many art schools were opened at Kishangarh, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kota, Marwar and Bundi. These schools helped to develop various styles and combinations of different arts and after the peak period, it also helped the artists to survive when they were not able to get shelter from the state.
Colours and detailing in paintings
The paintings are created with utmost care and finest detailing. These paintings are painted with bright colours. The artists creating miniature paintings make use of paper, wooden tablets, ivory panels, leather, marble, and cloth. Indian artists painted the paintings with a great perspective and vision. The colours used are made from raw material available in nature like vegetables, precious stones, silver and gold. The manufacturing of colours is a very lengthy process, and it takes the time to understand the process fully. Artists have to wait for days or sometimes even months to obtain the desired colours. The brushes used to paint the art forms are unique. The brushes are required to be of fine quality and edge to edge in length for painting best quality of the painting. The brushes are manufactured using squirrel hairs.
Scenes of miniature paintings
Traditional miniature paintings depict the incidence of hunting, excursion, and the aristocracy of the rulers. Every miniature painting involved the artwork of flora and wild animals. The artists have also developed modern designs with the change of time and hence these days one can find contemporary designs also. With modern developments in this field, the society also has taken a keen interest in various items of miniature paintings and the artists have developed lots of fresh creations.
Kishangarh city of Rajasthan is known for its unique miniature painting art famous as Bani Thani. This style is highly distinguished as compared to other painting styles. The long neck, almond shaped eyes, long fingers, etc. of Bani Thani paintings are arresting.
These days there are many other centres in the state where a number of artists are living and serving the customers and patrons of this art with their numerous creations. There is hardly any other centre than this state where one can find brilliant culture of miniature paintings. It is indeed a proud matter for the state of Rajasthan as well as the nation.

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