Rajasthan local crafts- Jootie Industry gains

The royal land of India, Rajasthan has a tremendous cultural heritage which is displayed in almost all the facets of life here. One can see bright colours worn by the people in normal life also. One can also see beautiful artwork on the walls of the home, the architecture of havelis, palaces, temples and even on the creations of shoes. People wear a special type of embroidered shoes known as Jootie or Mojari. Colourful jooties looks brilliant specks on the golden desert sand.
Mughal connection with rise of mojari
The history of mojaris backs to the time of Mughals. Mojaris were made famous during the rule of Mughal King Saleem Shahi. In honor of King Saleem Shah, this footwear was also well famous as Saleem Shahis. ‘Jooti’ is an Urdu word meaning Mojari. Jootie is basically an upper leather portion attached to the sole. The design of jootie is the most significant reason about its charm in people. The precise cutting of leather and accurate glueing and sewing to the sole results in the best jootie. Most importantly, a jootie or a mojari is loved by people due to its comfortability.
During the Mughal rule, use of jootie or mojaris was limited to kings, queens, and other rich people. In India, Rajasthan state is the hub of leather jootie and mojari. At that time, the design of jooties was far different from what we wear right now. The kings and queens used to like the wear the mojaries and jooties with diamonds and other precious stone embedded in them. They used to believe that embedding of precious stones depicted their luxury. After the fall of Mughal rule, jooties and mojaris have been experimented on with several innovations and other designs. The designers have tried a lot of designs on this part of the Mojaris and made the pair of shoes more attractive as well as attention seeking.
Usually, these shoes are made of different sorts of leather, but the material is not that much important as it is the skill of making these shoes that can be hardly seen in any other area of the country. Rajasthan is famous for various types of arts and also the artistic dressing. Mojaris and Jooties are necessary part of Rajasthan wear. The royal mojaris from Jodhpur are attractive in looks and enhance one’s personality. Hence, it has attained International fame.
Making a royal jootie
Making of jooties and mojaris is also an interesting process. There are people of several tribes involved in making a single pair of jootie or mojari. ‘Chamars’- are the one who find out extraordinary leather and process it. ‘Rangaras’- are the one who dye the finely processed leather. ‘Mochis’- are the people who assemble several leather pieces and finally a pair mojari or jootie is prepared. The manufacturing begins with the tanning of leather by using the vegetable tanning method. A substance named tannin which is extracted from Babool trees is used to process the raw animal hides. During the process of tanning, animal hide becomes strong and flexible.
These embroidered decorative pointed shoes are one of the trendiest footwear these days. Both girls and boys, working or students find comfort and style in these village originated shoe pattern. Team them with a pair of jeans or wear Mojaris with traditional attires they looks cool. In the modern days, the sales of these shoes have crossed the geographical boundaries as many foreigners are also attracted to them and carried the same to their nation also. There are also many stores in different cities of the nation where one can find beautiful Mojaris and Jooties made by the local artisans of Rajasthan. The Mojari lovers cannot resist the latest designs and beautiful look of the Mojaris.

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