Diggi yatra

Seamless Religious enthusiasm of Diggi Kalyan ji Foot walk

Diggi Kalyan ji Padyatra is an auspicious yatra that was first organized in 1959. Devotees of Lord Vishnu walk on foot to the 75 kilometre distant Kalyanji temple at Diggi in Malpura Tehsil.
It is the largest yatra in Dhundhar region. Millions of villagers and devotees flock in this annual march in order to seek blessings of the Lord. The march also has purging reason, it is believed to take away one’s sins and bless with happiness, wellbeing and prosperity.
It is a four days long event in Shravan and Bhadrapada. The march originates from Tadkeshwar Temple in Chaura Rasta, Jaipur and passes through a number of places. On the opening day it proceeds to Moti Doongri Temple where devotees worship and head for Sanga Baba temple in Sanganer. The first day ends at Madrampura where the yatris halt at night. With the rise of day the travellers start their walk. They cross Renwal town on the second day and then Bandi River on the following day. Fourth day is the concluding day when the yatra reaches the Diggi Kalyan Ji temple crossing Chausala.
Padyatra has pre-historic existence too. It was used as March as a part of pre-independence movement to interact socially. However, this was the political connection; on the contrary Diggi Kalyan Yatra has spiritual connect.
This padyatra included followers dancing on devotional hymns and knelling down. Thousands of young and old, men and women, walk barefoot passionately in love for god. Police force is laid throughout the city to provide full security during yatra. Ambulances with necessary medical facilities, food and water are available to the people. There is competition among locals to serve those are in March. Food camps are organised at regular distance. The servicemen are seen running to give food and fruits.
Lord Kalyan Ji legend
The temple dedicated to Lord Kalyan ji is located at Diggi village that is about 75 km from Jaipur and is popular as Mord Kalyan Ji or Kalyan Dhani locally. He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple was built by King Digva approximately 5600 years ago. The king was suffering from Leprosy as a curse from Apsara Urvashi. According to the legend once Apsaras were dancing in the court of Lord Indra, an Apsara named Urvashi suddenly laughed in between. Indra got angry and punished her out of his territory for 12 years and sent her on mrityulok (earth). She served saints on earth. One day king Digva saw her and attracted to her beauty. He asked her to come to his palace but she denied. Urvashi said she belongs to Indra only, listening to this the king challenged Lord Indra for war. Urvashi then curse him to become a leper for the offence.
The king tried many medications, penance and remedies but all in vain. One day Lord Vishnu appeared in his dreams and he heard godly voice to install Lord Kalyan ji idol at Diggi. He followed this and did the same. It is believed that Lord Vishnu materialized in this temple as Kalayan ji. The king was cured.
The temple
The white marble idol of Kalyan ji is placed in stone and lime constructed temple. It has four arms. The temple is noted for its architecture. Brilliantly carved statuettes on pillars make them sixteen attractive. The Pinnacle and the sixteen pillars are highlight of temple.
Adjacent to the main temple Marble Lakshmi Narayan temple, Sanctum Sanctorum and prayer hall exemplifies excellent craftsmanship.
Many local events in Jaipur might not have rose to International fame yet keeps the city alive, one of such happening is the annual Diggi Kalyanji padyatra. It is an important attraction for domestic tourism and holds heritage importance. Great deal of religious enthusiasm is seen in everyone.

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