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Horn and Bone Craft of Rajasthan

India, an age-old civilization has a lot of places with grand cultural heritage. The life here has numerous colours which one can witness in the routine of people also. It is displayed in every walk of life here that includes dressing, jewellery, festivals, celebrations and food. Therefore, for the rest of the world, there is end number of ways to explore the beautiful colours of life spread in all the spheres of life here. The artisans here make wonderful crafts with the locally available raw materials which they use beautifully to make the items. Horn and Bone Craft is a popular skill practiced in Rajasthan. There are many artists and craftsmen who make wonderful items from ethically acquired animal horn and bones.
In India, the state of Rajasthan is renowned for its eye-pleasing art styles. Rajasthan is all about heritage, art, monuments and folks. When talking about Rajasthan’s heritage, art one should especially know is about Bone and Horn Craft of Rajasthan. Formerly, the artistic structures were manufactured from Ivory. In the modern era, ivory is considered to be a rare element and is obtained from animal bones. For obtaining ivory, many animals had to be killed, so animal welfare society has banned using ivory. There are many areas where still such real ivory items are available, but to avail such items one has to explore the interior areas of the state. Considering the demand of such items in the market, many traders also import the raw material from other areas of the world and manufacture the beautiful craft pieces here.
With the ban of ivory, artisans had to move to some other type of sculpture. The artisans now are carving beautiful artefacts from horns or bones. The articles made from horn and bone includes handles of weapons like daggers and swords, thrones and couches. Bone crafts give antique look to any item any are nice memento to own. Some other items manufactured using the horn and bones are namely, bases for hookah, jewellery, toys shaped like birds and animals, statues of gods and goddesses. Elegant hand painted Bangle boxes, combs, paper cutters, etc. are sold. The expert hands dexterously cut bangle boxes with minute detailing, and fit the lattice with equal perfection. The bangle boxes are painted and with floral patterns or human figures. With every piece of such items, one can see the intricate carving and great skill of the artisan used to make the product that can attract the immediate attention of any person.
One can find this type of craft items at Ajmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. Jodhpur city is famous for the variety of bangles available in many sizes. The sizes available cover the whole hand from shoulder to the wrist. The bangles are painted and decorated with glass beads and gold leaves. Seashell pieces are joined with each other and glued around the bone. Besides utility items and jewellery bone is also used as a decorative showpiece and can be found in Jodhpur. This art attracts tourists and is surely bought by the travellers. These artistic items can be bought and can be gifted to the dear ones. It can revive the memories of Rajasthan any day.
Though, there are many cities across India where one can find such items, the items made by the craftsmen here are really beautiful and describable. The craft is a major earning source for many artisans who are engaged in this business for generations and uses age-old techniques to manufacture the items which give a different look to the finished product. Many of these items are also exported and fetch huge financial benefits to makers as well as traders engaged in this business.

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