nChuru ka Kila –where silver fireballs were used t

Churu ka Kila –where silver fireballs were used to fight opponents

There are a number of attractions for tourists in the State of Rajasthan. This land of Kings has lots of forts, palaces, museums and temples that are worldwide famous for their architecture and other qualities. To visit all of them is almost a task for months for an individual. The majority of the tourists visit important destinations situated in leading cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Alwar, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, but there are many more destinations here that can add great value to a tourist’s experience of exploring this land. The Fort of Churu is also one of such amazing destination that has a grand history associated with.
Churu district lies in the state of Rajasthan in India. Churu Fort or Churu ka Kila is the fort of Ratangarh Taluka in the Churu district. Ratangarh was formerly known as Kolasar and is famous for huge mansions (Havelis). The mansions have mural paintings laid of fresh lime plaster. Mural paintings are an architectural specialty of the Shekhawati region. Churu fort was built by Ratan Singh the then King of Bikaner in 1820. During the construction of Churu Fort priority was given to organized town development. The fort is built in between the town with four gates, and the boundary walls are built around the city.
This fort is also much adorned by the leading architects for its built and architectural style which was created in the old time with limited facilities compared to present days. Hence there are a number of designers and student of architects flooding this area for the study of the design and built of the fort.
The Churu fort was attacked twice by Thakur Prithvi Singh, who was the Son of King Churu. Thakur Prithvi Singh was supported by Maharawal Laxman Singh of Sikar. With his help, Prithvi Singh attacked Churu fort in 1815 and 1816. There were two caretakers of a fort named Lal Shah Syed and Purohit Jethmal who lost their lives when Churu fort was under attack in 1815 and 1816. King Ratan Singh inscribed their names on the walls of the Churu fort to honour their sacrifice. Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha, a famous historian, has mentioned in his records that King Ratan Singh had met Cornel Velsin. At the meeting, King Ratan Singh had proposed to establish a Shekhawati Brigade in the British Army.
During the revolt of 1857, Thakur Shiv Singh stood against the British. As a result, the British officials attacked Churu Fort with support from Bikaner Army. Churu fort was surrounded from all sides and canons were fired on Churu fort. Thakur Shiv Singh also ordered to fire canyons against the Bikaneri and British Army. At one time, the canon fireball of Churu army got finished, and they were left with nothing to fear except small ammunitions. At that time all the rich business people of Churu donated their silver ornaments. The blacksmiths of Churu melted the silver jewellery and manufactured fireballs for canons from it. Then after silver fireballs were fired from the canons, with this action, the opponent’s army was astonished. The opponent’s army retreated by seeing the emotions of citizens of Churu. Considering the great patronage of people and their sense of belongingness to the state, the enemies also dropped the idea to conquer it and once again the fort got its reputation as well as freedom back.
This incident not just got recorded in the grand history of Rajasthan but also wrote a new tale in the world history where people love their freedom over any worldly pleasure. The fort is still standing, still saluting the war heroes as well as people of the state who contributed everything they owned for the freedom of the state.

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