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Rajasthan’s Hand-made paper industry

Rajasthan is the state of the finest artworks in India. One of such artwork is hand-made paper making. The handmade paper making art found in India symbolizes the unity in diversity of people of India. Over the years handmade paper making has grown in to a fullfledged economic activity of Rajasthan. There are several famous handmade paper makers in Sanganer area of Jaipur.
The History:
The history of handmade paper making dates back to the war between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat in 1456. Babar was a great conqueror and also an extraordinary visionary of art. With him came the best artists, craftsmen, designers, and scholars. With the artists came the art of paper making from Turkey. These paper makers were signed to produce papers for Mughal Court. Then after generations passed and during Akbar’s reign the paper makers formed a clan and became famous with the surname Kagzi. The Kagzi people were spread into various parts of the ancient India, namely Sialkot, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Jaipur.
The kagzi people presently reside at Sanganer in the suburbs of Jaipur. Due to the open land and water availability in Sanganer region, the handmade paper industry has beautifully flourished. After moving to Sanganer, the Kagzi people pledged their allegiance to Royal Court of Sawai Man Singh and his successors.
During the 18th century with the arrival of Europeans, the cost effective and mill-manufactured paper became famous. With the growing fame of European mill made paper the handmade paper industry of Sanganer had to face a rapid downfall. In the hard times, Sanganer handmade paper industry used to supply packaging material for textile industries in Ahmedabad for their survival. In the sixties, a ray of hope shone for the handmade paper artists. People came to realize in the sixties about the pollution spread by industries. Hence, the market of handmade paper industry became famous, and Sanganer’s handmade paper industry came to life again. Previously the industries used to manufacture handmade papers, but later on with modern inventions the industries produced goods for those inventions too. These days there are lot of beautiful products like desk accessories, gift items, mobile phone covers, letter pad are manufactured in the handmade paper industry of Sanganer.
The Process:
The papers are manufactured manually except that pulping process is done by using motors. Flower petals and other organic substances are added to the pulp and then the mixture is sent to huge tanks. The trays containing a homogeneous mixture of the mesh are poured into the water. By doing this, the pulp at the bottom of the tank is extracted. The extracted mixture is then covered with the muslin. A pulp sheet is formed and added to the pile. The pile is pressed with pressure due to which water drains out. This results in fine sheets covered with muslin. After peeling of the muslin what remains is a handmade paper. Chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process; the colouring is done by using organic substances. The paper is dried under the sun. The notable thing is that the input is the waste from the cotton industry, and the manufactured product is sent worldwide.
Many genius minds have provided their artistic mindset in creating such extraordinary piece of art. These papers are of outstanding quality and enhance the look of the substance it is used with. There are papers like a flower petal, mulberry paper, banana paper, drawing paper, etc. are available. These are just some common names, but the list is too long to cover.
The value involved in this eco-friendly organic and best out of waste papers are worth investing in. Buy Handmade and be a part of responsible cult.

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