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Festivity of Teej in Jaipur- Teej Mata Procession

Teej the most remarkable festival of Rajasthan is a packet of joy and vibrancy. This festival has a unique glory in Jaipur with the famed Teej Mata Procession. Women dressed in traditional Rajasthani outfits, laden with fashion jewelry carrying Kalash (pitcher), palanquin and band music make anyone fall in love with.
Teej is a popular festival celebrated in Hindu calendar month ‘Shravan’ and welcomes monsoon. This festival of women is an occasion to dig into spirituality and merriment. Married and unmarried girls worship goddess Parvati. The festival marks the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after century long separation. Religious significance of Teej iterates that it is the day observed to describe true character of relationship. It is celebrated in many regions of the country however the festivity in Rajasthan is grander. When on tour to Rajasthan plan your stay in Jaipur for Teej festival and enjoy the brilliance of Teej Mata ki sawari and sweetness of ghewar.
The Teej procession not only attracts locals but also it is a major attraction for International tourists. The goddess Parvati, who is worshipped as Teej Mata is carried in a palanquin by 8 men through the streets of pink city. This is two days event. The vibrant sawari begins from Tripoliya Gate, passes through Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar and concludes at chougan stadium. On the Teej day the city holds her breath with the eyes glued to this procession. Devotees join the band of antique metal patterned palanquin, along with the folk artists. Traditional dance like Kachchi Ghodi, Kalbeliya, and Gair entertain the spectators. The scene is colourful; there is riot of colours everywhere.
The elephants, camels and bullock carts are an essential part of the parade. Caparisoned elephants and camels guard the dancing troops and the people playing music instruments. Some people are dressed as Gods and Goddesses. They walk along the decorated chariots and bullock cart on which image of Teej Mata is placed. Cannons on cart are also part of the procession. Women in brightly coloured dress carry decorated earthen pot on their head and sing Teej songs. This grand celebration in Jaipur fascinates onlookers with the joie de vivre in this gala of dance, music and entertainment.
Rituals of Teej
Teej Festival is an occasion to get a break from routine activities for women. It is a festival of swings. Swings are hung on trees. Women sing, swing and gossip with her friends. They wear new colourful clothes especially leheriya (tie-and-dye). Henna ornamented hands have huge craze in foreign travelers too.
Soon to be married girls receive Sinjara (gift basket of fruits, sweets, lac bangles, henna, and a leheriya dress) from her parent in-law.
Teej Puja
The puja method is also very exciting. A small pond of cow dung is made in tray and filled with milk mixed water. A branch of neem is placed besides it. Women see image of lemon, pearl necklace, sattu and neem twig in it. After offering sattu before neem branch women pray for blessings of Teej mata for marital bliss.
A special ball like sweet, locally known as Sattu is prepared. Women keep fast on the day and after puja she ends her fasting by eating sattu.
Ghewar is special to Teej celebrations in Jaipur. From plain to Malai Ghewar are seen on every sweet shop near Teej.
Like for other festivals shopping for Teej start months in advance. To keep abreast with traditions women bring all the necessary items for performing rituals in a time-honoured style.
One of the most popular attractions, the Teej Festival in Jaipur is now a days is not only important for Hindu women but is a major crowd puller.

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