raja ranchodji Temple-Jodhpur

Raj Ranchodji Temple

How would you lay back when you stay in the Incredible India? India has a lot of temples, forts, and statues. Usually, these are built by the kings and empires. Without enjoying on a leisure trip of Rajasthan your India exploration is treated as incomplete. It is one of the best tourist friendly states and is loved by foreigners. The historical touch that Royal land has reflects in the sound architecture of monuments. It is prevalent in North India, and many are fond of it as well. One of the best temples to visit in Jodhpur is the Raj Ranchodji temple. The temple is typically a historical place and well known for its architecture. The queen took much care in order to build the temple.
About the place and culture
Jodhpur is the Cultural Capital of Rajasthan. The people in Jodhpur are the most hospitable in India. One gets a home feel when he enters into this beautiful city. It is almost seen as a tourist spot rather than a residing place. It is also considered as a paradise for travelers; the city has the maximum palaces, forts, and temples in the state. There are a lot of temples in Jodhpur that establish faith in natives. Just because of that point, it has become so popular that people who start a tour to Rajasthan never miss out this place. What’s so good about this place? One reason is that it’s known as the SUN city. It has a bright sunny climate all-around the year. Religion and spirituality are deeply rooted amongst the people of Rajasthan. There are not only Hindu temples, but also have a lot of churches, mosques, Gurudwaras and so on. This infers the religious freedom in the city.
About the temple
Raj Ranchodji temple is a must-visit temple cum tourist spot in Jodhpur; one reason for the architecture and the other reason is to admire the carvings out there! Raj Ranchodji temple is also called as the red stone temple that belongs to Lord Krishna. It is remembered as a memorable temple built by Queen Jadechi Rajkanwar in 1905 when her husband Maharaja Jaswant Singh passed away. She had built this temple in remembrance of her husband. It is believed that from her childhood, she was a devotee of Lord Krishna, and when she got married, she carried an idol of Lord Krishna with her.
The craftsmen in Jodhpur are well-known for their work. The temple holds marvellous filigree work and this makes the temple stands out from the crowd. The main idol of Ranchhodji– Lord Krishna is made of black marble. These temples have lovely marble with different colors as well. The black marble statue trances you so much that you feel wonderful on viewing the idol. Raj Ranchhodji temple is situated in the heart of Jodhpur city. The highlight of the temple’s architecture is its opening which is grand enough to attract the tourists. The windows are decorated with blue, green and yellow colors stained glass panels.
The opening time and closing time is from morning 6.30 to 12 noon. In the evening it is from 5 PM to 9 PM. The priests serving in the temple hail from Gujarat and were brought by the queen. Till date their descendents are dedicatedly working here.
How to reach?
This city is very well connected with other parts of the state as well as country by railway, roadway, and airway. The roads are in good conditions for a long drive, and one can also catch various trains from major centers Jaipur and Delhi to reach to this amazing city.

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