Rao jodha park

Rao Jodha Park a Heaven for Botanists

For the domestic as well as global tourists, the Rajasthan is a state that must be visited. Particularly those who love to see the history and royal lifestyle of erstwhile kings this is a perfect piece of land to visit. The glorious past of this state has doubtlessly stunning structures in the form of forts, palaces, and temples but there are also parks here that are of unmatched quality. One of such beautiful parks is Rao Jodha Park, which is a pride park in the state.
Rao Jodha Park is situated Jodhpur, Rajasthan at the foot of the fort of Mehrangarh. This park was formed in 2006 for the restoration of a huge rocky wasteland next to the fort of Mehrangarh in Jodhpur. This region was neglected by the humanity for many years due to which it was overrun by Baavlia (Prosopisjuliflora). Baavlia is a native Central American thorny shrub which was introduced to the region a century ago. This shrub is extremely difficult to eradicate due to the thorns which affirms in spite of extremely dry condition life finds its way. The park owners had found it challenging to eradicate baavlia. They had to dig 45cms below the ground level to remove the thorny shrub completely from the roots.
Further, the park administration decided to plant the saplings only where the baavlia had grown. The reason for this idea is that the growth of Baavlia suggested that some other plant could be grown in that place if watered properly. Then after the park administrators listed the plants, which could grow in the arid regions and rocky areas of Thar Desert. The park now owns more than 80 species of arid region plants growing successfully. One can enter the park from Visitors Centre, which is about 800 meters from the main fort gate. Those who are interested in botany, this park is nothing less than a pilgrimage, and hence one can see here some leading botany experts frequently visiting this park. For a common man, there are just shrubs and plants scattered on the land, but for them, it is land that can help them study a lot about various plants and shrubs.
The opening time of the park is 7 am to 7 pm in the months between April to September, and 8 am to 6 pm during the months of October to March. The entry fee is nominal which Rs. 30 for adults and Rs.10 for students. It is good to visit the park between the months of July to October because this is the duration of monsoon so the grass and other desert ephemerals grow and the park looks beautiful. In the duration between October to February, the view of the park is awesome as the leaves turn golden. The duration between April to July is hot, but the early morning visit may benefit the morning beauty of nature and the work.
How to Reach
To enjoy the visit to Rao Jodha Park one can go by road from the Jodhpur city. Local transport means are easily hired to reach there. The city of Jodhpur is well connected to other parts of the state as well as country by roadway and railway. If one goes by own car, the roads are not that bad, and one can surely enjoy the trip. It is also a leading destination for the visitors of Jodhpur city.
Mighty Mehrangarh Fort and beautiful City Palace have placed Jodhpur on International tourism map. The city is flocked by International tourists too.

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