British carmaker Rolls Royce arrogance receives perfect answer from Alwar Maharaja

India been a Royal’s land has a legacy of innumerable amazing stories. Rajasthan has special place in such narration. One such account is associated with the famous Rolls Royce car. The shopping of Rolls Royce by the king of Alwar had turned out to be good lesson for the company.
The incident happened on one fine day when in 1920 Maharaja of Alwar, Jai Singh was strolling through the Bond Street in London. Bond Street is lined with series of luxury brand showrooms. When the king came across the Rolls Royce showroom, he entered to query about the specifications and price of the brand luxury vehicles. But, as a snooty salesman of luxury showroom acts, the rep of that store insulted Maharaja as he was dressed in simple clothes. He treated Indian royal as an ordinary poor Indian and show the way out.
Aficionado of Luxury
The righteous people have affection for luxury, especially for Cars. Indian Maharajas were too fond of Rolls Royce cars. Kings that time used to go by their pride and do anything to maintain their self-esteem. After returning to hotel the furious Maharaja took the insult gravely and asked his men to call the showroom manager saying “King_of_Alwar” is interested in buying few cars from their fleet.
The king arrived store draped in original kingly attire with all the lavish facilities. Red carpets were rolled out to welcome him. Entire showroom staff lined up, bowing in his honor. Maharaja Jai Singh purchased all the six cars on the floor in revenge and paid the price for cars in cash. He ordered shipment to India.
An unseen slap to arrogance
To teach lesson to the company after the cars arrived in India Maharaja Jai Singh ordered to cut their roofs and use for collecting waste across the city. The municipality tied brooms on the car bumper which dust land as the car moves. It was sheer insult to the ace luxury car manufacturer. The news spread like wildfire and those felt proud in driving Rolls Royce too shy away from it to avoid humiliation. People mock the owners of Rolls Royce in Europe and America. Rolls Royce’s reputation came at stake; hence there was sharp decline in revenue for the carmaker. This is invisible yet perfect slap on the arrogance of British brand owners.
This baffled the individuality of planet’s number one car maker Rolls Royce. Company took the matter seriously. Realizing their mistake they immediately sent an apology letter to the king for misbehavior at London Showroom. They offered gift of six more cars to him and plead to take the garbage collection cars off-service. Jai Singh accepted the apologies and withdrew the luxury cars from trash collection. He too never bought a single Rolls Royce again.
Such is the poise to die for. Never say die attitude of Rajasthan Royals has gained respect every time. The valor of kings, mighty forts, beautiful palaces, intricate temples and many structures nourish the glory of the state.

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