Short getaway trip to Dadhikar Fort

There are lots of places across India where one can find the ancient culture and associated history at their best. However, the state of Rajasthan holds a privileged position when it comes to the times of yore as numerous forts and palaces are dotted here, and each of them has a legend for history lovers. One of such renowned fort is Dadhikar Fort in Alwar district, which is an offbeat destination for short getaway. It has a history associated with almost a thousand years.
The fort is believed to be built around 9th century by King Chand when Chand Dynasty lost everything to flood in Abhaneri. In those days the name of the place was Derakar, which later changed as Dadhikar. Basically, it was founded to live in the company of beautiful Aravalli hills where safety was sure for the dwellers. However, with the passage of time it turned into a camp for military and arms manufacturing due to the support of Aravalli caves. Still there are families in this area who live as per their age-old traditions and customs which can make one feel visiting a different century.
Though this place is not much famous as a tourist destination and the fort was also not much maintained earlier but in 1997 when taken over by a hotel management group that has carried out the renovation and restored the beauty of the fort. Considering the beauty of the fort, modern amenities, and natural surroundings as well as the historical importance of the fort, there are many tourists who love to visit this place. Nowadays it is converted into heritage hotel. The Fort Hotel was opened for visitors in 2007.
The fort:
This massive fort is situated near Alwar city in the Rajasthan State of India. It is hardly 10 km from Alwar city and 155 km from the state capital Jaipur. The fort seems quite beautiful with lots of facilities that match the modern day requirements also. This fort at present has various 16 exquisitely decorated rooms and 5 tents for the guests. These rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities. One such room is Malay whose location in turret. It is the combination of modernism to historical ambience. One can feel the royal stay and can imagine the grand past of the fort. This heritage hotel also has a lot of activities for guests that can make their time here memorable forever.
The sightseeing:
There are numerous places in and around Alwar where the tourists spend some quality time. The leading tourist attractions here are Bala Qila, City Palace and Museum, Vijay Mandir, Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, Kankawari Fort, Bhangadh Fort, Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Abhaneri and a lot of temples. For the history lovers, wildlife explorers or nature lovers, this is a perfect destination to rejuvenate the body with a single day tour.
How to reach?
To reach Dhadhikar Fort is not at all difficult as it is very well connected with other parts by railway, roadway, and airway. The Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport, which is just within an hour’s drive from the fort. The nearest railway station is Alwar station, which is hardly 12 km from the fort. For the tourists hailing from a northern part of the country, it can be a memorable single day tour.
This heritage hotel also offers various packages to the guests as per their requirement if it is booked in advance. For the travel lovers, this is the place where one must pay a visit at least once in a lifetime to have beautiful memories at the foothills of Aravalli.

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