Temple that scare ghosts – the exorcist Balaji shrine of Rajasthan

There are a lot of temples across India which are famous for their architecture while some of them are known for historical importance. There are also a few temples which are known for their superficial and spiritual powers which are beyond the understanding of a common man as well as science. The prominent Mehandipur Balaji Temple is one of such wonderful temple known for supernatural powers.
The temple:
This temple is situated around 65 kilometers away from the state capital Jaipur. The nearest village is Mehandipur and hence it is known as Mehandipur Balaji Temple. Lord Hanuman, who is considered as a powerful god against all the evil spirits and ghost is deity in this temple of Dausa district. Hanuman ji or Balaji controls spirits and forces them to leave the body of the victim, and therefore those who are suffered from such evil spirits and ghosts come to this temple from far and wide to pray the Lord and get the victim relieved. There are also two other such powerful gods temples here which are known as Pretraj Sarkar, the King of Ghosts (Bhairav) and Kotwal Captan, the commander of a force of good spirit. The temple is located on the border of two different districts which are Dausa and Karauli. There is also a Ram temple in the premises which is also situated as half in one district and a half in another district.
The idol of the Lord Hanuman is in the form of his childhood and hence it is called Bala Hanuman. It is believed that the temple was built in the 20 century and the idol is almost 1000 years old. The idol is self-created on a rock in the form of Bala Hanuman, and there is also a small water tank near the legs of Bala Hanuman. It is believed that the water of that tank never gets over, and it gets filled itself. No one has yet been able to found the source of water of this tank.
One has to be really stone hearted to enter temple premises. So better gather all the courage and head for spine chilling experience. On entering instead of melodies of hymns and clings of bells loud shrieks of pain greet visitors. There are four large halls; the first two halls are of Lord Bhairav, and Hanuman. Black-colored balls given as Prasad are not meant to be consumed but are supposed to be thrown into sacred fire in the temple.
The temple is crowded every time due to its image of spiritual healing. Flood of devotees can be seen daily. They believe the miracles of Lord Hanuman and his powers against the evil spirits help the devotees to save from damage from such spirits. Even at 3.30 A.M. it is a wonder to see such tsunami of people at shrine.
One can see millions of pilgrims here from different states also especially on Saturday and Tuesday. There are also a lot of research teams from various cities of the country as well as foreign has visited this temple to find different aspects but has got nothing notable yet.
Usually, people believe that only those who are troubled by evil spirits need to visit this temple, but it is not true as a normal person can also go for its visit and be blessed by the Lord.
How to reach:
To reach this temple is possible by railway as well as a roadway. The nearest railway station is Bandikui Railway station which is 36 kilometers away from the temple. The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport. The road condition is good enough to visit the temple by the roadway.

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