Dungarpur temples

The core of human belief lies within and central to this belief is the God. Wrapped in the lap of Aravalli lies Dungarpur, a city of Rajasthan, which is an exotic destination for holidaying. There are lots of areas of interest for the tourists here and among all most noteworthy are the temples here. The temples of the city, like many others on this land raise fame to Dungarpur. This article is a brief narration of few of the known temples.
Shrinathji Temple: For the followers of Lord Krishna, this temple is a symbol of faith. Built by Maharawal Punjraj in the year 1623, it stands on 12 pillars. There are beautiful statues of Shri Ramchandraji and Baake Bihari Ji and Shrinathji. Hence there are three main temples and more than 36 small temples in the premises.
Vijay Rajrajeshwar Temple: This temple is also one of the most notable attractions of the city among tourists. The temple is located in the mid of Gaibsagar Lake and has idols of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. The construction work of the temple was begun by Maharawal Vijay Singh but was completed by Maharawal Lakshman Singh in the year 1923. Due to doting surroundings the temple looks too beautiful.
Deo Somnath Temple: It is considered as one of the oldest temples in the area. The temple is sited on the bank of river Som and near the village Deo hence it is named as a Deo Somnath temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be built in 12 century by the Sompuras. The whole structure of the temple is based on stones only, and no packing of mud, sand, lime or any other material is used. The temple has three floors and despite it is made of stones it is still considered as a strong structure which is nothing less than an architectural marvel. There is a Shiva linga made of black stone and founded on white marble, which offers a great look to the Garbh Griha of the temple. The construction style, as well as architecture of this temple, is simply impressive.
Surpur Temple: If you are looking for a temple with great carving and architecture, then you can’t afford to miss the Surpur Temple. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Dungarpur at the village Surpur and hence known as Surpur Temple. The Idol of Madhavrai, Hathiyon ki Agad, and bhulbhulaiya, as well as other domes, are points of attraction here. The Ghaat on the back side of the temple also adds great value to its look.
Bhuvneshwar Temple: The list of temples in Dungarpur will remain incomplete without mentioning the Bhuvneshwar temple. It is located at 12 kms from Dungarpur city and has a Shivling which is believed to have natural carvings. The devotees of Lord Shiva have great faith in the temple and Shivlinga. Followers come here to offer their prayers from various parts of the country during the Rangpanchmi Fair when there will be a huge crowd to enjoy the fair and festival.
Nagfanji Temple: It is a point of attraction for the Jains as well as followers of Lord Shiva. There are statues of Nagfanji Parshvanth, Dharnendra and Devi Padmavati situated in the temple and natural water from the hills keep on seeping. There is also an idol of Lord Shiva near to these temples. The temple looks much elegant due to natural surroundings.
How to reach?
Dungarpur is also known as ‘City of Hills’. This 13 century established town lies on NH 8 in southern Rajasthan. Road network mix NH and SH for good road connectivity with many cities of India. While regular train service from Udaipur and Ahmedabad links Dungarpur, it is also connected via air by means of Maharana Pratap Airport of Udaipur and Ahmedabad Airport.

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