Mausi Rani ki chatri

Mausi Rani ki chatri

If one talks about the cultural heritage of India, the state of Rajasthan leads on various fronts. There are lots of cities and towns where different structures stand still and telling the legend of the past about the royal families who were once ruling this land. Some structures in the city of Alwar also falls into this category, and those who love to know about history and concerned monuments and structures will love to be in this city.
Mausi Rani ki Chhatri is also one of the noteworthy monuments situated in Alwar. It is basically a cenotaph of the erstwhile ruler Maharaja Bakhatavar Singh and his queen, Mausi Rani who gave up her life behind her husband and burnt alive on his funeral pyre. In the memory of such pious queen, the structure is given her name rather than having the name of the king.
This structure was made in the year 1815 AD by the ruler, King Vinay Singh in the memory of Late King and his father, Bakhtavr Singh. The cenotaph is a brilliant work of carving on stone as well as domes and pavilions with minute work having excellent perfection. The entire structure is divided into two floors. The hallways on ground floor created with red Karauli stone displays marvel of architectural style. Rib like criss-cross patterns and intricate carvings are meticulously done on the crests. The upper floors are made of marble. There are beautiful domes on the upper floor where one can also see various images and designs carved on the stone of domes.
One can see a lot of images of peacocks, camels, horsemen and various geometric motifs in various colors such as blue and gold.
The beautiful red dots on white marble pavilion look wonderful and hence it gives a different feel when one enters the structure. There is a frameboard near the entrance that displays the importance of the cenotaph and when it was made.
Mausi Rani ki chatri is one of the important places to visit in Alwar city and hence many times the huge crowd of tourists can be seen here. Visitor enjoy the serene environ at the monument. However, there are majority of people love to see the structure as it is known as a beautiful sample of craftsmanship, many of them also belong to the field of architecture. The carvings on the stones, particularly of domes offer picturesque views in the daylight also. The style in which this structure is created is known as the Indo-Islamic style, and hence the domes and pavilions look more like the palace of that age.
There is also a reservoir nearby the cenotaph, and hence the visitors here may feel a cool breeze floating from the side of the reservoir that offers mesmerizing experience to be here. One can also have a clear view of Bala Quilla or Alwar Fort from this cenotaph.
How to get there
Alwar is one of the prominent cities in the state of Rajasthan and well connected by roadways as well as a railway to different parts of the country. To be here, one can get a car or even an auto if one is in the city of Alwar only.
The important jewel from the history of Alwar city, Mausi Rani ki chatri got great significance in modern day tourism due to its carvings. Today it is managed by the tourism corporation of the state and hence also falls into the category of protected monuments. It is a structure one must visit while being on the trip to Alwar.

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