Laal maans

Rajasthani food that grow you strong like warriors

Strength, stamina, built and courage were the words explaining much about the qualities of a warrior. Rajasthan people were largely Rajputs which were warriors so to provide strength to fight in the war Non-vegetarian food became their staple diet. Non-veg are high protein diet. Meat being the easiest source of energy in this desert land delicacies like laal maas and safed maas became popular then and now onwards.
Royal favourite delicacy, laal maas increase the heat with its spice content. Rich red mutton curry is a flavourful preparation. It is rich in garlic and red chillies which are strategically included. Traditionally the section of red meat included meat of game bird, deer, hare or boar. Yet the zing of red chillies is intact the deer meat is replaced by lamb mutton which is a tender meat.
Having a muscular body with sheer stamina lays the foundation life of warrior. They were an epitome of unmatched strength and extensive energy that was not blessed to common man. The warriors had to toil hard for maintaining their stature. In comparison to the normal diets, their diet is full of calories that lay emphasis on red as well as white meat.
The richness of Rajasthan culture is visible in food too. The distinct aroma of meat preparations from Rajput land tempts non-vegetarians. Safed maas is another delicacy for which Rajasthan is known. The condiments like saffron, poppy seeds, Almonds, Cashew nuts and coconut powder in sauce or gravy of milk, khoya and yoghurt is secrete of its refined taste. Rich aroma of green cardamom and tickle of cinnamon adds zest to the lamb meat recipe.
White meat is the leaner source of protein with low fat contents. It is said to be the muscle building protein that augments the energy flow in warriors at the time of work out. Online resources and books give much information on diet plans of warriors that might inspire a guy who want to build muscles. It is intended to deliver high amount of vitamins, minerals and protein, which have been considered essential nutrients for getting muscular body.
Food completes the narration of any destination. Your expedition is incomplete without tasting its exotic flavours. Since the state has scarcity of water green vegetables are not available all round the year and thus alternate food sources have arose. Also, the lifestyle of locals influenced food habits resulting into a whole range of innovative dishes.
When on trip to Rajasthan one must not forget to serve taste buds with traditional laal maas in non-veg. Likewise vegetarians must enjoy purely dried desert vegetable- ker-sangri or pachkuta. Villagers say be it veg or non-veg relish it with the millet flour or bajra bread.

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