Desert method of cooking that would amaze you

Barbeque, roast, grill are the popular methods of cooking any kind of meat since ages, all around the world. Every region has its own peculiarity of cooking nonvegetarian delicacies. Here is a unique roasting method of meat used in Rajasthan. Every recipe and its respective cooking method are age-old as all these have been followed even today by the chefs.
Rajasthan is mainly a very dry and desert prone region, having limitations of low agriculture produce and so the regional recipes mainly comprise of Flour, Lentils, Curd, Ghee and buttermilk. Despite its Geographical restrictions, the Royals of Rajasthan has never compromised on the tastes and preparation of the lip-smacking recipes and methods of cooking. The Royal families and their chefs have given us mouth- watering recipes and unique methods of ideal cooking which helps in enhancing the real taste and aroma of the dish prepared.
Each palace had atleast ten cooks to take care of the food aspect. They even shared their cooks with the other families to have a different variety.
Hunting used to be a great passion and leisurely activity for the Royals. Ninety percent of the meat cooked was from hunting only.
The non-veg dishes made had the majority of the meat of the grass eating animals and migratory birds like a goose, chicken, deer, rabbit, wild boar, pig. Migratory birds were eaten post migration as they would have strong and juicy chest and leg meat due to their climbing and flying activities during migration.
Popular most among the many dishes are still remembered. Khad Khargosh and Khargosh Ki Mokal from rabbit, Laal Maas and Paya from goat, Suvar Ka Saanth from a pig, White Meat from Pheasant, Jungle maas, very few to list them here.
Different ways of cooking given by Rajasthan:
Now the way of cooking meat is unique here as they believed of having cooked the meat on the lower flame and slow cooking in order to get the real aroma.
One of the interesting methods of roasting the meat is KHAD method of cooking wherein the marinated meat is wrapped in the kneaded flour and placed in the pit which already has a bed of charcoal. The pit is filled with charcoal and sand to let the food cook slowly and properly. This leaves the flavour of little bit burnt charcoal in the meat which has its own beauty. Rabbit meat used to be roasted particularly by this method but now Murg is also cooked the same way. This traditional method is gradually vanishing.
Another important method includes cooking on DUM, in which the vessel is covered and packed with kneaded flour, allowing the meat inside to cook in its juices.
People of Rajasthan traditionally use the open fire of charcoal to cook almost in any recipe which makes every dish of it an interesting one. They have made the best use of the resources available.

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