Globally Popular Vegetarian Marvels of Rustic Rajasthan

The land of Maharajas has always been known for classy delicacies with authentic taste of spices and a pinch of exclusive hospitality. Indeed, the aromatic cuisine of Rajasthan has been influenced by lifestyle of the inhabitants and the availability of vegetation in the concerned area. The scenario has been such that the food to last long was always a preferred choice. What makes people get attracted to them are the exotic way of preparations and use of exclusive spices. The authentic Marwari taste can be relished in simple dishes cooked in villages with minimal resources. For sure, the art of accompanying the dish is quite interesting and simple.
Being the Rajputana state of valor, the cuisine was prepared by keeping in mind the eating habits of warrior kings but the vegetarian preparations are no way behind. Let us check out some of the most interesting delicacies of Rajasthan that works wonder as equal to the non-vegetarians one:
 Daal Bati Churma
As the name Rajasthan is heard, the images of mouth watering dishes comes to mind. Due to scarcity of water and dry weather the food from Rajasthan is made to last long. Most famed Rajasthan dish, Dal Bati Churma is worth a mention here. This flaky wheat ball combination dish is a complete meal that is gift of Marwar villages. The batis baked over firewood or Kanda (cow dung cakes) in village homes have very tempting aroma. Electric oven and gas tandoor are used to bake bati in contemporary homes. Usually it is served dipped in ghee. As per the dish is explained, a number of variations of unleavened bread are tried and tested to include in world cuisine. This delectable dish is served with Panchmel Dal and thick spicy lehsun ki chutney. Garlic chutney is said to be dry chutney prepared with garlic, red chillies and added spices. In fact, tomatoes are also added to give a tangy taste to the chutney.
Churma is a mix of coarse ground bati with sugar or jaggery which is commonly prepared to team up with the meal. These days pineapple, rose, and strawberry like flavourings are also used.
Ker-Sangri ki Sabji and Bajre ki Roti
Desert veggies ker and sangri are popular Rajasthan produce. An exclusive vegetable – Pachkuta is a combination of five desert vegetables cooked with red chillies, turmeric, coriander, mango powder and salt; ker and sangri being the main ingredient. Villagers eat this with Bajra roti and Garlic chutney.
The princely state of Rajasthan has a tremendous range of vegetarian delicacies that works wonder in terms of longevity. Liberal use of red chillies and tangy flavour of kaachri are unique to Rajasthani cuisine.

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