Food culture of Rajasthan

The exotic tastes of Rajasthan tickles tongue of foodies. Though Rajasthani food is perfect mix of sweet and spices; bright red chillies are basic tastemaker and coloring agent in most of the recipes. Here one must see another side of the life of people which can display their interest in art, colors and food. Basically Rajasthan cuisine is vegetarian. There are many mouth-watering Rajasthani delicacies that can surely tempt one. Enjoy these unforgettable tastiest foods on your trip to Jaipur.
1. Daal Baati: It is the signature dish of Rajasthan and if you love to have simple rural food than it can be a perfect choice for you. Daal from the combination is prepared by mixing various pulses that include chana daal, mung daal, urad daal, and tuvar daal. The daal is in liquid form, it complimented with ball shaped bati. The baati is in hard form and is made of wheat flour, curd, and ghee. Ghee is an important ingredient to enhance the taste of this dish so shed your worry for weight gain aside to enjoy Dal-bati-churma. One can add other spices as per taste. Now there are lots of variations available like the mawa bati, potato stuffed bati etc. One can also give sweet treat to taste buds with churma along Daal-bati. For a different spice, there can be garlic and red chilly chutney to enjoy with Dal Baati and churma.
2. Gatte ka Pulav: It is a rice preparation which is popular nationally and internationally. Gram flour dumplings are added to the rice along with the traditional Indian spices. One needs to add whole spices, cumin seeds and onions to ghee. Take the soaked long grain rice and add it to the pan or cooker. While tomatoes and fresh coriander adds color as well as taste, turmeric, red chilli powder and salt completes the flavor. Gatte ka Pulav is a complete meal, which is an innocent but delicious combination.
3. Panchmel Ki Sabzi: Panchmel means five different raw vegetable items and cooked vegetable of a mixture of five different vegetables. This vegetable is made with the perfect combination of five different vegetables Gavarfali, Chawli, capsicum, cucumber, and carrots. One can add other spices according to taste. The addition of dried mango powder as a spice can offer it a wonderful taste. One can serve it as a main course vegetable with other items which can be light in taste so that the overall dish can offer great taste.
There are many other items such as Ker-sangri sabzi, Ghevar, Genhu ki Bikaneri Khichdi, Kesari Bhat, Missi roti and many more that one can enjoy while being on a trip to Rajasthan. After all the food must not be compromised.

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