Laila Majnu Ki Majar – The sanctified tomb for lovers

In the world where love is considered as immortal, the story of inseparable love of Laila and Majnu is hardly unknown to anybody. They are most famous lovers who died to meet each other just for love and became immortal because of the same. To be with each other, they had fled from their homes, but unfortunately, they could not make it. However, they did not surrender to the situation and preferred death together rather life being separate. Their graves known as Laila Majnu Ki Majar are there at Anupagarh near Shri Ganganagar in the state of Rajasthan India. To be there is not that difficult, however, the majar is almost 150 kilometers away from the main city of Shri Ganganagar.
In the boundary of Anupagarh near Shri Ganganagar, there are two tombs which are known as the tombs of Arabic lovers, Laila Majnu and people who are in love see the majars of these immortal lovers as holy place and visit here for the blessings. It is believed that Laila and Majnu took their last breath on this land and are cremated here. There were only two tombs in past but with the passage of time there is also a small structure created that can protect the graves from sun and rain. Many people from the nearby areas visit this beautiful place. There are also people who believe that these tombs belong to someone else, but the majority of the people believe them to be of Laila Majnu only.
These tombs are quite close to Pakistan and hence once upon a time many Pakistanis were also coming to visit the tombs. However, after the Kargil war that border is sealed and hence nowadays, there is no Pakistani coming to these graves. Lots of newly wedded and couples visit the place round the year to have blessings from Laila Majnu for their love. They also offer chadars to the tomb and pray for wellbeing and good relationship. It is also a place known for the communal harmony of Hindus and Muslims as the graveyard belongs to both of these communities.
In the memory of Laila and Majnu, a fair is held here in the month of June when lots of people from nearby as well as distant areas come and enjoy. During the fair days, there is also a langar (Group Feast) arranged for visitors where one can have food for free. Devotional songs are sung by people and at night, special kirtans are also arranged by the Majar authority. One can also visit numerous other places which are in the vicinity of these tombs and hence one must visit the city of Shri Ganganagar and Laila Majnu tombs once in his lifetime.

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