Surprising facts about great warrior king- Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap, the brave warrior is a well known face of the Indian History especially Mewar and Shekhawati region. He was born to Udai Singh on 9th May 1950 and was the eldest of 33 children. The nobles in the court desired him as the next king than his brother, Shakti Singh who was the preferred choice of king.

When Rana Pratap was born majority of Northern India was under the rule of Mughals. Emperor Akbar also continued the same rule and adopted the matrimonial relations with Rajputs of Rajasthan, who were powerful rulers that time. The majority of the kings surrendered and accepted the proposals of Akbar except the King of Mewar, Maharana Pratap.
The Personality:
Maharana Pratap from his childhood was much interested in martial arts and war games. He was well-trained in the use of all the weapons. As a warrior, he was using a sword and a spear which weigh almost 80 kg. The armor worn by this 7 feet 5-inch tall King also weighed around 110 kg. His swords and spears are still there at the Royal Gallery Museum of Udaipur.
He had 11 queens out of which Ajabde Punwar was his favorite. This warrior king and man of words had 5 daughters and 17 sons.
The warfare and techniques:
Maharana Pratap was doubtlessly an excellent warrior and was master of various warfare techniques. However, to damage the huge force of Mughals he preferred to attack and fight as per guerilla war techniques and as expected damaged the huge force of Akbar. He was also physically very strong and a strict commander.
The kind-heartedness of king touched heart of enemies too. Once Man Singh, Commander of Mughal force was caught in the forest while hunting still, he was freed by Maharana and asked to face him in battle only. He respected women also. In one incident when Rahim Khan-e-Khana was campaigning against Maharana his son, Amar Singh trapped the women of Mughals and brought to the king as a trophy which Maharana denied and warned him not commit such a mistake again. He also sent the women with all respect and dignity safely to their place.
This Rajput king is known for his pledge that he made to free Chittor. He had sworn that he will sleep on bed of grass and eat on a leaf plate until his favorite fort of Chittor is won by him. However, it just left as a dream because Maharana left for heavenly abode before winning Chittor. However, the Mughal force and Emperor Akbar were also scared after the terrible battle of Haldighati where only 20000 brave Rajput soldiers fought against the massive army of 2 lakhs from Mughal side. The Rajputs lost the battle, but they created history by damaging the huge army.
After Haldighati war due to continuous attacks by Mughals Rana had to take financial help from his minister Bhama Shah to support his small army.

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