Jaipur donkey festival

The desert state Rajasthan has a number of colors of life that the tourist can imagine. Lots of celebrations in the form of fair, and festivals keep the state lively. People here love to enjoy the moments at such events. Animal or Cattle fairs are something unusual that have made these fairs of Rajasthan popular worldwide. The Jaipur donkey festival is exciting part of tourism in Rajasthan where buying and selling of donkeys is an exclusive activity. It is held every year.
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The name is also shortened as Donkey fair. People, particularly traders come from all the north India to sell their donkeys in the festival. One can see a large number of these animals decorated with different colors and accessories all over the ground. The experts of donkeys can be seen choosing a donkey by various marks. It is really an interesting scene to see. The potters, washer men and those engaged in construction activities find good deal to buy this useful loader for their work.
There are no standards of pricing for donkeys. It all depends on the buying and selling skill of the buyer and seller. This is probably the only donkey festival of its kind in the State of Rajasthan, and hence, the state tourism department also promotes it well. Jaipur Donkey Festival is organized in the month of October every year. The festival takes place at Looniyawas, which is close to Sanganer. The place is hardly 20 kilometers away from the state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Hence, if you are planning to be at Jaipur in this month don’t forget to visit the famous donkey festival.
Spot the donkey sports:
During the festival, there are also various sports activities as well as donkey race that one can enjoy. One may have seen the race of horse or dogs but the donkey race is rare and really an enjoyable moment. This festival is also a good source to have quality donkeys for those who use them in their activities. Nowadays government is also promoting the fair or festival as well as providing support for breeding and better race of donkeys by various programs.
Hence, by and large this festival is greatly useful to those who depend on this beast of burden. Though buying and selling of donkeys happen in many areas but the scale of activity matters and Jaipur is the only place where one can see this activity on a huge scale. It is very famous festival among the animal lovers, hence one can see a huge number of visitors from across the boundaries too during the Jaipur donkey festival.

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