The state of Rajasthan has an immense treasure of culture, art, bravery, and architecture. It has a number of locations that can make one know the rich heritage of the ancient times. The Osian Tehsil in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan state has made big fame in spite of its small size. The marvelous structures here have made it also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan.
The History:
This small town has been known for Jain well as Brahmin temples which were known to be built during 8th to 11th century. Osian was a major center of Marwar state while Gurjara and Pratihara were ruling this area. In the past, during Gupta Rule, this town was also known as a trade route and was the prime center of trade. The town was named differently as Ukesa, Uvasisala, and Upkesapur-Pattana in past. During the Gupta period, it was known for Brahmin culture and was a center for numerous camel caravans.
There are sun temple, Kali temple, sachiya Mata temple which are the main centers for Hindus while the temple of Mahavira is the place of worship for Jains. These temples are famous for their architecture and intricate carving on stones. The beautiful construction of past is still in beautiful condition, and one cannot resist from admiring the beauty of these beautiful structures.
In the year 1195, the town was invaded by Muhammed Ghauri and devastated by his army. The town was founded again by King Utpaladeva during 900 to 950 AD after its destruction in the past. As he was converted to Jainism, he made it as a hub for this religion.
The relation with Naga:
Osian has a Mahavira statue in which two snakes are intertwined, and it is worshipped by Oswal Jains. Hence, it is also believed that this place had a connection with Nagas also. There was a ruler namely Nagbhatta II, who was from Mandore located near Jodhpur. It is believed that Nagbhatta had conquered the Nagas and hence accepted the title as Nagbhatta.
When this town was ruined by Muhammed Ghauri and his army people left the town and never came back. Jain Acharya Ratnaprabha suri ji impressed the people who were staying here by his supernatural powers and made them converted to Jainism. Today also people worship Nagas, Sachiya Mata as well as Mahavira. Particularly for Oswals and Maheshwaris this town is a center of pilgrimage.
The Mahavira temple here built by King Upaldev, son of King Bheemsen, and king of Bhinmal has awesome features as well as beautiful carving. Even today there are many Jain clans who have to be there at Sachiya Mata Temple for their Mundan Sanskar.
Osian is also connected by rail, and the nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport. To reach this small town is also not much difficult as it is just 69 km from Jodhpur on the jodhpur-Bikaner highway as it is the district headquarter.

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