Akbar Palace

Falling in the category of one of the most incredible and beautiful monuments in India, Akbar Palace in Ajmer tends to showcase excellent work of craftsmanship. The construction was slated in 1570 AD by Akbar the Great, for the purpose of serving as a residence for him. The Emperor used to visit Ajmer for pilgrimage and then used to stay at Akbar Palace. Basically the entire palace is protected by two stone walls and this construction made it unconquerable. Exotic and authentically wonderful are the right words to describe its brilliance. Indeed, the significance associated with it talks about being the meeting place of emperor Jahangir and Sir Thomas Roe of British East India Company.
After the historic meeting, British occupation started and the palace was transformed into munitions house named Rajputana Arsenal. As a masterpiece of artwork, each and every room in the palace is artistically decorated. Its picturesque designs have always attracted visitor towards it and created ways for excellent tourism factors. Certainly, the palace is said to be grand in its own way and explains a romantic as well as tumultuous historic past. The beauty of exotically carved stone sculptures makes Akbar Palace worth an appeal. Richness sprinkled in every corner with lush green lawns maintained well by the Government of India is worth visiting and delving deep into the outlandish craftsmanship of Mughals.
However, a part of the Akbar Palace was converted into museum that exhibited brilliantly looking period armor and weapons. The transformation took place in 1908. The majestic architecture of the museum is an excellent thing to observe as there is with massively decorated entrances and choicest of Mughal belongings. Well, the visitors can take a look at delicate miniature paintings, ancient armory and a variety of things used by the Mughal emperor.
The palace also houses an ostentatious black idol of Goddess Kali. Apart from this, ancient rock inscriptions also believe to be one of the most wonderful collections displayed in the palace. As the person enters the gate, he or she gets a feeling to relive Mughal Era and the grandeur it used to exhibit.
Stunning location and wide corridors welcome tourists to enjoy spectacular view of the Akbar Palace in Ajmer. Also, it falls quite near to the railway station and have a couple of hotels positioned at a closer distance so reaching and staying here is not a problem.
Visit to the Dargah of Ajmer Shariff, which was Akbar’s favorite holy place. Apart from the Khwaja Sahib Dargah it is because of the beautiful palace that visitors have been flocking to the place every year in hundreds and thousands of counts. It is a perfect getaway to experience richness of the culture.

How to reach Ajmer:

Ajmer is one of the most holy and well connected cities in Rajasthan as it has the famous dargah of garib nawaz which is popular in people from all faiths and religion  , it is well connected through air via Jaipur and you will have to take a taxi or bus to reach ajmer it is well connected to all the major cities of rajasthan and daily bus service is also there from delhi and faridabad.

Jaipur international  airport is the nearest airport if you are planing to visit ajmer as the city is yet to have its own airport and  Jaipur is well connected by daily flights from all the metro cities of India.

ajmer railway station: It  is known as ajmer junction   and is well connected via rail route will all the major cities and town and trains are available round the clock also it is dotted with a number of hotels and lodges so if a person has not booked a place to stay can easily find accommodation here before starting his journey  .

by road connectivity:  ajmer is connected to rest of the country through  national highway 8, and apart from state transport buses there are a lot of private bus operators who connect ajmer to rest of the country and the kind of buses range from regular buses to sleeper coaches and Volvo bus service which is also operated by rajsthan state transport.

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