Soniji Ki Nasiyan

Stated to be an architectural brilliance, Soniji Ki Nasiyan is popular Jain Temple in Ajmer. Augmenting the charm of Aravali Hills with its exceptional beauty, the temple was built towards the end of 19th century. It is one of the finest amalgamations of Jain as well as exotic Rajasthani structural design. The two elephants erected at the entrance of the temple are simply breath-taking and signify ethnic Marwari trend. As known, elephants beautified with ornamentations have always been an important part of Rajasthan culture. This has made the architects install them at the ingress.
In fact, its main attraction falls to be the significant chamber called as Swarn Nagri (City of Gold). What attracts the tourists to this place is the presence of numerous gold plated wooden figures. They tend to represent a variety of specialized figures in the Jain religion. Falling close to the Akbar Fort, Ajmer Jain Temple or Soniji Ki Nasiyan belongs to the Digambar sect. Its Anglo-Rajputana style architecture reflects authentic beauty of the old times. The exclusivity of the colored glasses and the majestic design of the door were simply wonderful. In fact, the second floor had a lot of teachings by Rishabh Dev in symbolic as well as physical form.
Along with this, the aura of style was excellently depicted in the main hall of second floor. Basically stating, the complete hall was packed with idyllic models depicting lifestyle of Rishabh Dev. The story behind the excellent craftsmanship is about establishing Ayodhya Nagri in Jambudweepa by Lord Indra at the destruction of all other worlds. Indeed, each and every model is simply breath-taking because it showcases 16 specialized dreams seen by the mother of Rishabh Dev before his birth. An amazing thing about this model is that it has been entirely plated in gold. For sure, the grand architecture and Jain literature will take the tourists to a different world altogether.
Going a little further in the Soniji Ki Nasiyan compound, one gets to see a pillar erected at a height of 82 feet. Being added by the Soni family in 1953, the compound was exclusively constructed in red stone and known as Shree Siddhkoot Chaityalaya by the Jain community. Adjacent to the temple is a picturesque building that showcases genuine British Architecture, which was christened as Raghunath Bhawan later on. Apart from these worthy places, the Ajmer Jain Temple also houses a wonderful library having rare scriptures of Jain religion that were also researched by scholars.
The popularity of the temple has grown to such an extent that lots of people visit it annually. Stunning, exotic, beautiful and authentic architecture are just the right words to explain the aura that the temple explicates.

How to reach Ajmer:

Ajmer is one of the most holy and well connected cities in Rajasthan as it has the famous dargah of garib nawaz which is popular in people from all faiths and religion  , it is well connected through air via Jaipur and you will have to take a taxi or bus to reach ajmer it is well connected to all the major cities of rajasthan and daily bus service is also there from delhi and faridabad.

Jaipur international  airport is the nearest airport if you are planing to visit ajmer as the city is yet to have its own airport and  Jaipur is well connected by daily flights from all the metro cities of India.

ajmer railway station: It  is known as ajmer junction   and is well connected via rail route will all the major cities and town and trains are available round the clock also it is dotted with a number of hotels and lodges so if a person has not booked a place to stay can easily find accommodation here before starting his journey .

by road connectivity:  ajmer is connected to rest of the country through  national highway 8, and apart from state transport buses there are a lot of private bus operators who connect ajmer to rest of the country and the kind of buses range from regular buses to sleeper coaches and Volvo bus service which is also operated by rajsthan state transport.

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