Kaylana Lake

la tranquillité de nature

It is impossible to cover Rajasthan in just one visit. The innumerable number of forts, palaces and tourist spots necessitates either a very long tour, or short trips to cover the entire of this princely and colorful state with its extravagant history. Countless visits to all the historical monuments tend to exhaust the tourists and visitors who often look for some calm after the hectic exploration. An exquisite spot to spend a beatific evening for unwinding the mind and de-stressing the body is the quaint and picturesque Kalyana lake of Jodhpur. This artificial lake supplies water to quench the thirst of the city of Jodhpur and the surrounding towns and villages.

Erected in 1872 by Pratap Singh, the then Prime Minister of Jodhpur, Kalyana Lake now forms an exquisite sunset point for travelers looking for some calm in the chaos and complexities of the history of the state. It is located at distance of 8 kms west of Jodhpur city on the Jaisalmer road. The site previously had the palaces of two rulers of Jodhpur- Bhim Singh and Takhat Singh, but the noble minister, Pratap Singh realized that water was a more important issue than luxury. Hence he destroyed the palaces and gardens which adorned this site, and made this artificial lake instead for relieving his people from the water crisis faced by the arid region. It receives its water from Hati Nehar (translation: elephant canal), which is further connected to the Indra Gandhi canal. Spread over an area of 84 sq.km, apart from providing drinking water, the lake also boasts of boating facilities.

An ideal picnic spot for tourists, this lake offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. At that time the sky looks like a canvas splashed with glorious colors, resembling the work of an artist, with different shades of pink, violet, red and yellow. The garden enclosing this lake, known as Pratap Sagar, was one full of wild bears which served as a secured hunting place for the royal members. With the increase in population, it could not remain so. If one is fond of bird watching then one will certainly enjoy being here as one can see different types of migratory birds like the Siberian Crane, which come to this lake, especially in winters, which is also the season for tourist visits. The natural vegetation here also consists of Babool trees.

A wonderful venue for some serene moments in the otherwise busy city of Jodhpur, many foreigners come here to spend some good and tranquil time. The beauty of this place will keep on lingering with one for a long time after one visits it.

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