Sunahri kothi

There are beautiful structures created by the Kings of Rajasthan in past which have architecture work that can mesmerize the visitors by its beautiful carving and shapes on the stone. In those days when the technology was limited but high quality performance was assured the kings were also known as great patronage of such craftsmen and architects.
The Sunheri Kothi:
Tonk, is a small area and does not find a priority on the list of the travelers who visit this land of kings to have a look at the beauty of the past. It is located near Ranthambore National Park in the South of state capital city Jaipur. Situated at almost 90 kms away from the pink city, it receives a little chunk of travelers as people are not much aware about two beautiful places that must be visited in this offbeat destination. One of these places is Sunheri Kothi also known as Golden Mansion which was built by the Nawab Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan during his reign of 1867 to 1930. As the king was great lover of art, culture and artefacts, he loved to have a mansion which can leave the visitor stunning. This beautiful kothi has an awesome hall with really admirable glass work as well as enamel mirror work. The art used by the makers is really of unmatched quality and that is why several efforts to renovate the hall did not add great value as the quality is off too high level. Considering the quality of the work, the look of the hall and the love of a king to art, this mansion is worth to pay a visit.
Few facts about SunheriKothi:
This kothi is situated in the old complex of the palace. The walls as well as ceiling are covered with beautiful enamel mirror work. The glass used in the work here are particularly called from Belgium and of great quality. The walls of the palace are also decorated with Meenakari as well as Pacchhikari work for which the local artists are much known. The overall complex is located at the elevation of 278 meters height from sea level.
During the British rule, this Kothi was used by the resident officers. The kothi is built in the architecture of Rajputana as well as Mughal Style and hence it is a perfectly designed mansion that attracts the kings, courts men and visitors. One can visit this beautiful place known as Sunheri Kothi or Mansion of Gold or Sheesh Mahal also to re-live the ancient era.
It is close to Bada Kuwa in the town. One can also visit it from Sawai Madhopur also as it is just 30 kms away from the city. Those who love ancient buildings as well as buildings of beautiful architecture, this is a must to visit place. The kothi attracts a number of students of architecture from a number of schools as well as artists who are interested in creative work. Videographers and photographers love to capture the beauty of this interesting tourist attraction in cameras.

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