Neemrana stepwell

An architectural marvel from history

The land of Indian State Rajasthan has a lot of cultural heritage and beautiful structures that can display the royal elegance of past. There are beautiful palaces, structures and step wells with which the land is filled with. One of such beautiful structure is known as Neemrana Step well or Baoli which is located at Neemrana on Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The Neemrana Step well is known as a structure built in 18th century by Thakur Janak Singh. The primary cause of creation of this step well is known as to create employment during famine hit in the area.
The step well is considered as built by the Kings of those days. It is located at 500 meters height and close to the Neemrana Fort palace also. The visitors can see the wonderful architecture marvel in the form of 9 floors. The gates created on every floor of this step well display the architecture of Rajputana style which was highly popular in those days. It used to be serai to stop by and relax for travelers. They can step down till the ground and that is basic motto of creating the step well so that the travelers in those days who don’t have any vessel to drink water and satiate thirst can also go to the bottom and have water. This flamboyant structured step well also holds great reputation among the tourist attractions of India. Here it is worth to note that across the globe one can find such ancient structures of step wells in India only.
The Neemrana step well is also known as Rani Ki baoli in the local language. For a number of years it has been a leading source of water for the local residents as well as people residing nearby areas. The government of the state has also promoted the well as a tourist destination however, there is much more required to safeguard this wonderful structure. The step well draws attention of global tourists who visit the Neemrana fort as well as the step well because of the proximity of the location. This step well and palace are hardly 125 kilometers away from Delhi and hence one can also visit this beautiful location as a single day trip. The highway is much connected and one can enjoy the ride also. One can come to Delhi city by air or train and from there it is easier to hire a cab to visit this location.
Those who are interested in visit to historical locations and ancient structures, this is a beautiful place that can offer a great value addition to knowledge of an individual. The step well of Neemrana has a really different importance in the history as well as architecture of Rajasthan and India.

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