Turquoise Cottage Bar

For those who love to be at party
Turquoise Cottage Bar Known as TC in an abbreviated form is a known café cum bar situated in Jaipur, the pink city of India. For those who love to party and enjoy some fun time with friends that can make a lovely memory, it is a perfect place. For the couple also it is a perfect place that can offer some quality time to spend in togetherness. A perfect option for those who love to be in a party environment and cheer up for the next stage of life as well as those who want to energise themselves from a hard week to coming week of stereotype life.
The facilities:
For the fun lovers, TC is a perfect spot that can offer dine, drink and dance. It has a beautiful look, perfect facilities, beautiful and varied cuisines, perfect bar, wonderful look and reasonable fee that can offer almost all the facilities to the visitors. For the business meetings, party with friends to hangout, family and couple events, it is a perfect place. This beautiful pub cum bar is situated at Hotel Shikha at Yudhishthir Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur. For a single entry, it costs 700 rupees and for a couple, it is INR 2000. The bar is open from Morning 11 to Evening 11. Usually, it is a preferred place for couples.
It has various cuisines such as Thai, Chinese and American which is loved by the visitors here. This place is much popular among party animals and fun lovers with dance and drink. There are a variety of drinks available here that displays the quality of pub. One can also enjoy important games on the big TV screen and outdoor seating arrangement. The staff is also much friendly. One can enjoy alcohol as well as relish non-veg delicacies here. While seating inside the pub no need to worry about your vehicle as there is also huge parking facilities available. It is much known among party lovers to chill out and enjoy the music with drinks. You can also enjoy smoking here while sipping the drink.
It is a perfect spot for the carefree atmosphere. It is famous among people and particularly among the youth who love to visit this place from different cities also. Beautiful decoration and matching lighting, great in-house as well as outdoor sitting arrangements, perfect tables for sitting, great services on drink and food availability, tasty non-veg food, and range of drinks can make one’s day as well as night really wonderful.
In nutshell, this is a place one must not forget to visit while being on a trip to Jaipur. For the party lovers, it can be a perfect place to offer a cool visit.

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