Institute For Research on Arbic and Persian

The art and culture are vast subjects and display the cultural heritage of the area. The Indian State Rajasthan has huge cultural heritage and the government of Rajasthan also take all the necessary actions to preserve the art and promote languages such as Arabic and Persian. In this direction the state government has established an Institute in Tonk suburb of Jaipur that promote and support the languages such as Arabic and Persian. The institute was established in the year 1978 and named after the ex-president of India and renowned scientist Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was also a freedom fighter and took part in a number of protests against British government.
There are lots of activities carried out by the institute in the direction of promotion of language and help the research fellows with scholarship as well as offering best of the support. The institute also helps the scholars to get required information from the institute by offering copies of available sources. The scholars of these languages from various states visit the institute and it helps them with available material that can help them to get the expected support as well as degree. It also helps the research fellows to have surveys and publications. It has a separate department to store the old magazines. The institute also offers scholarship to researchers to support their expenses for research. However, the amount is not that much high but still it can be helpful to the scholars to some extent.
The institute also takes part in the book fair and arranges exhibitions that can promote the language among common people. There are a lot of countries from which the experts and researchers come to this institute for further knowledge and research with the help of available material over there. There are many areas where the government needs experts to decipher the meanings of writings over various kharitas, farmans, tamrapatras and manuscripts written in Arabian and Persian language which can add huge value to the history and culture. The institute also runs a course in manuscriptology in which the learners are taught the skill of reading manuscripts written in Persian and Arabian.
This leading institute has an art gallery as well as display hall that can offer great knowledge addition to the visitors. There is also a beautiful collection of manuscripts, books and imperial seals as well as autographs of leading scholars. To facilitate the stay of researchers and experts there is also a guest house in the institute where scholars can stay at subsidized rates. The institute also offers a course in the field of graphic design and diploma course in the field of computer. The institute also runs a course for Arabic language.

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