Foy Sagar Lake

Foy sagar lake

Are you someone interested in weekend outings? Are you planning for a family hangout in the next corner? Do you wish to spend some time in seclusion? Here I come up with a serene spot to enthral and light up your individual mood-swings. Yes, Foy Sagar Lake it is, which I would quote, for it has in store an exciting experience for you. Let us get to know more about it in order to justify my suggestion.

For almost any typical Indian student who has done or is doing his/her schooling, the scenery of a river flowing beside a range of mountains should have been one of the first ever pictures of pencil-drawing. A sun rising or setting from behind the hills would have been a mandatory countenance in the mentioned art form. And here is this Foy Sagar Lake that stands really picturesque as it brings into life such enchanting scenery with the Aravalli Mountains in the backdrop.

Lake Foy Sagar is an artificial lake situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Ajmer in itself is an agglomeration of a number of pilgrim sites and a large variety of tourist spots. Apart from the large land area and several other cultural and traditional hallmarks, this lake adds yet another feather to the city’s pre-existing beauty. The Foy Sagar Lake is an eponymous lake caressing the Aravalli Range from its north-western valleys. The lake is supported by easy accessibility from other parts of the state as it is just about 7km from the Ajmer Railway Station, and buses and auto rickshaws come honking to avail us with a ride to Foy Sagar from there.

But why was this lake addressed as eponymous? Just to answer this question, let us get into the historical details about this peaceful destination. The Foy Sagar Lake is named after an Englishman who was known as Mr. Foy. He was a qualified engineer and he built this lake in 1892 to facilitate a Famine Relief Project.

The lake is 1,40,00,000 square feet or 13,00,000 square metres in area and about 15 million cubic feet in volume. This lake also inherits a handful of inscriptions that reveal the name of the present Ajmer to have been ‘Ajmere’ at the time of their encryption. Despite the reason of constructing this lake being to tackle drought, the lake seems to possess some strong magnetism for the visitors’ interests. This lake proves to be a quintessential source of allure – it is among the most sought-after tourist spots in the entire state of Rajasthan and also the most resourceful water disburser to the local populace. The bijou garden, dexterous flooring and the precise pathway all add up to the already exalting panorama of the Aravalli range, not to miss out the sunrise or sunset from behind the hillocks. Altogether, a visit to this Foy Sagar Lake shall definitely prove to revitalise our heart and mind by exposing us to fresh air, fresh atmosphere and their resultant – a fresh mindset so as to uplift our thought process thereto.

How to reach Ajmer:

Ajmer is one of the most holy and well connected cities in Rajasthan as it has the famous dargah of garib nawaz which is popular in people from all faiths and religion  , it is well connected through air via Jaipur and you will have to take a taxi or bus to reach ajmer it is well connected to all the major cities of rajasthan and daily bus service is also there from delhi and faridabad.

Jaipur international  airport is the nearest airport if you are planing to visit ajmer as the city is yet to have its own airport and  Jaipur is well connected by daily flights from all the metro cities of India.

ajmer railway station: It  is known as ajmer junction   and is well connected via rail route will all the major cities and town and trains are available round the clock also it is dotted with a number of hotels and lodges so if a person has not booked a place to stay can easily find accommodation here before starting his journey  .

by road connectivity:  ajmer is connected to rest of the country through  national highway 8, and apart from state transport buses there are a lot of private bus operators who connect ajmer to rest of the country and the kind of buses range from regular buses to sleeper coaches and Volvo bus service which is also operated by rajsthan state transport.

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