Harshita Mata temple in Abhaneri

Rajasthan is a beautiful state of India that carries huge cultural value and enormous history. Beautiful structures, the story of brave warriors and excellent models with brilliant architectures are some of the attractions that lure tourists from all over the world. The Abhaneri village is situated on Jaipur Agra Highway. It was established by Samrat Mihir Bhoj. With the passage of time when the fame of this small town spreads all over, more and more tourists visit this small town known for Chand Baori step well as well as Harshita Mata temple. The step well is an architecture marvel of ancient times, and the temple is a symbol of faith for the local people. There is a huge history behind the step well as well as the temple.
The Temple:
This beautiful temple was built by King Chandra. It is believed to be built in 8th or 9th century A.D. and hence it has huge historical value. The temple is the east side facing and set on a platform with double terrace. It has beautiful carvings on stone. One can see the Garbha griha, Mandapa, and Dome of the temple well-decorated with the craftsmanship of skilled sculptors. It has the idol of Harshita Mata, and a number of followers visit the temple to offer the prayers to the deity. The temple is though not in good shape as with the passage of time it has suffered from natural wear and tear, but the carvings still display the beauty of the temple in the past. There are many schemes made by the government to refurbish the temple and probably in a short period there may be some concrete action plan available to save this beautiful temple and return its charm.
The Deity:
The temple of Harshita Mata is a known place of faith for a number of people and particularly to the locals of Abhaneri Village. The deity Harshita Mata is also known as Harshad Mata, and she is a form of Durga, who is known to spread happiness and cheers to the life her followers. Hence, the residents of the village strongly believe that it is just due to the blessings of the deity they can live a happy and cheerful life in the village. In the past, the temple also has seen many kings who have tried to deface and demolish the temple. However, the existence of the temple till date itself shows the significance of the temple.
This temple is much famous nowadays. It is also known for its scenic view, and hence many people visit it as a part of a single day trip. It is also a venue where some movies are shot. The temple, as well as the step well, is presently under the protection of Government of India with the help of its department Archeological Survey of India.

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