The best desination for foodie people: Arab Knights

The spellbound theme of Arab Knights seems like a tale of Aladdin and his magic carpets, as Gin being a root of their Arabian and Lebanese culinary. It is a family friendly, grand restaurant with everything so easily coordinated and choreographed.
The restaurant is successfully operating a chain of restaurants in 7 Indian cities including Jaipur, Ludhiana and Goa. The Arab Knights is one of the quickest growing restaurant chain, started in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur. The city individually holds two outlets, one in C-Scheme, Bais Godam and another on JLN Marg, Malviya Nagar.
Providing through vehicles and kiosks, The Arabic Knights in combat focuses primarily on Lebanese and Arabian dishes. The cafe offers healthy & hygienic foods that serve customers of all age groups. Reception menu is filled with unique yet delicious veggie and non-vegetarian special treats, especially Shawarma. Provided in wood made plates, the meals are with garlic cloves dip as a condiment and pickled beetroot and chips as sides. To top it up is their quick and hassle-free service, which contributes to the overall experience.
As described above the restaurant serves only Arabian and Lebanese recipes, so if you are planning to flavor the exotic delicacies from these two cuisines then get into the gateways of the restaurant. As far as their trademark plate is an issue then we would suggest you try their Poultry Shawarmas, falafel shawarma, Poultry korma, chicken tandoori, spicy pepper paneer, chicken biryani, chicken Manchurian, etc.
Interior and décor:
The Arab Knights’ look and feel revolves around different subjects. The restaurants are adorned with crimson and black interiors and play great Arabic music which sets the theme.
Interior and décor of this restaurant are highly required by modern components. The glowing blue layers and bright little brand speak about their intelligent way of design. Sitting agreement here is very relaxing and it seems like they have tried to limit a beginner of doubt and hurry atmosphere. The encompassing looks are incredibly clean and hygienic beside that their entrance of kitchen area follows sufficient actions to make it look brighter than ever.
Like other authentic dining places the support here is persistent and nice. The working employees here are silent professional and respectful, they view the client support arrangement and believe in providing with the best hospitality. The management team is professional when it comes to resolving the problems. Apart from common client support they have obtained valet vehicle parking area; they provide home distribution support and Take-away besides Dine-in.
The Arab Knights is eyeing at further expansion and all set to make their presence bigger through franchising across India.

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