Brij Raj Bhavan Palace- It is a haunted place in Kota

Though with the name of the princely state of Rajasthan one may visualize kingship, beautiful palaces with excellent carvings on stone, large sized halls, stories of brave warriors of the land and colorful culture with a dance that folk artists performs at various ceremonies. Yes, it is the vast cultural heritage of Rajasthan which literally means the land of Kings. As Rajasthan was having a number of states in past, there are numerous palaces that still stand and display the rich living style of kings with their patronage to art and culture. One of the known palaces in this state is Brij Raj Bhavan, which is also known as the city palace of Kota.
Haunted Heritage Palace
This is just like other palace of the state that is converted into the heritage hotel as the Government of India had stopped providing the special privileges to the kings of the state. However, the Brij Raj Bhavan is different than many palaces as it is believed as a ghostly palace. People and staff of the palace believe that the palace is haunted by the ghost of Major Charles Burton, who was killed during the first independence movement of India, much known as the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857.
Major Charles Burton was from the 40th Bengal Native Infantry and was on the posting of British residency in Kota and was residing here in the palace with his family. He lived here for almost 13 years before being killed. During the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, the British General asked him to reach Neemuch which is a nearby area in the current state of Madhya Pradesh to save it from being damaged. In the May 1857, Major Burton rushed Neemuch with his family and controlled the situation. On request of King of Kota, he returned in the month of December 1857 to the palace. After two days of his arrival one morning, he found that the palace was surrounded by many people which he believed as the friendly visit of the king. But in a few minutes, he got the situation and hid himself as well as his two sons in the upper room of the palace with a few weapons. However, the fight did not go well, and he had to surrender with his sons to the people when he was killed.
Since then it is believed that the upper room is having the spirit of Major Burton and many people also have heard some people talking in English. Even the guards have experienced slaps from Major Burton while dozing and smoking. However, there is no incident yet reported of the spirit damaging any visitor or local people but this story keep the excitement among the travelers visiting Rajasthan.

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