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Bollywood too seeks blessings of Kale Hanumanji

Jaipur, the pink city of India, has a number of places that attract world travelers of different beliefs. It is also the capital city of State of Rajasthan and holds great significance due to rich cultural heritage. The city’s temples, monuments and traditional city markets raise excitement to new high. Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Museum, and Zoo are doubtlessly some known venues that are visited by the tourists but for those who believe in God can find couple of very famous temples where they can worship almighty. Some of the most popular sites of worship are Radha Krishna temple, Garh Ganesh temple, Khole ke Hanumanji and Kale Hanumanji temple much famous for their historical importance.
Lord Hanuman is considered as a God with blessings of immortality and hence there are many temples of Lord Hanuman in Northern India. He is also believed as God of power and wisdom and known to protect the devotees from evil spirits as well as enemies. He is also known as the son of Air (Vayu) and therefore devotees believe him as the God, who can fulfill their wishes in a short time. People worship this god particularly on Tuesday and Saturday and in many areas these two days are also believed as dedicated to him.
The Kale Hanumanji temple has derived its name from the Idol colour of Lord Hanuman. Usually, the Idol of Lord Hanuman is found red due to the application of Sindur and Oil, but here the idol is of black colour, and hence, the temple is known as Kale Hanumanji Mandir. It is situated in the area of Chandi Ki Taksal of Jaipur City. This temple is an ancient holy place, almost 1000 year old and hence has great importance among the followers of Lord Hanuman of Jaipur as well as other areas of the country. The idol here is in the posture of Mahavir Hanuman who is ready for a battle and followers have great faith in him. They also believe him as a god who fulfill their wishes and therefore the temple is always flooded with lots of devotees. Many times Bollywood celebrities like Bipsha Basu, Ekta Kapoor and Kajol were also spotted there.
The temple is opened on almost all the days. Devotees can offer their prayers from 5.00 AM to 1.00 PM. In the evening on Tuesday and Saturday, the temple is open from 5.30 PM till 1.00 AM while on other days in the evening it is open from 5.30 PM till 10.00 PM only. There is also Mangla Arti carried out in morning and evening. On Tuesday and Saturday, a special noon Arti is also carried out. The temple also celebrates various festivals and offer beautiful services to the devotees. Hence, those who have great faith in Hanumanji, this is a must visit temple in the city with many other attractions.

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