Wassup – The tree house restaurant in Jaipur

Wassup – The tree house restaurant in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. It is well known for its royal palaces and creative places that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world on a daily basis. Most of the popular palaces have also been converted to hotels and restaurants in Jaipur. Besides the luxury hotels there is no shortage of popular restaurants that cater to the needs of locals and travelers. With budding creative entrepreneurs so many friendly restaurants are opening in the city every day. It is very interesting to see a restaurant that has drawn inspiration from nature in this city. This is the Wassup Restaurant, which is built on a semi-open structure and gives you the feeling of sitting in a tree house. You can see lots of greenery and wood along with water fountains in this restaurant. All these things give the restaurant a unique look, and people often visit the restaurant just to enjoy the ambience.

The Wassup Restaurant in Jaipur is located at Bhawani Singh Road, Subhash Marg near MGF Mall on the C Scheme of Jaipur. From 11 to 11 you can get anything you want from beverages, desserts and Ice creams to Italian, Mexican, Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes. This multi cuisine restaurant is the hot spot for tourists coming from foreign nations and also for the local college youths. It has an even facility for take away which many people use when they find the restaurant too crowded. Even though it looks very rustic with all the wooden furniture, it is well equipped with proper air conditioning and even has Wifi facility for the visitors. If you are planning to visit this restaurant, be aware that it does not serve liquor. Many people even use this restaurant for special events and parties.

When it comes to furnishing, this restaurant has some unique features, and you can find wooden benches that are very basic and unfinished table tops which give it a very raw and rustic forest appeal. It is located slightly away from the crowded marketplace area, and you can spend time peacefully with your family and friends at this restaurant. Even though it is located in an open structure, you will notice that they have good overhead heaters which are used during the cold months and visitors find it very comfortable to sit in the open space and enjoy their dinner.

With a variety of dishes on offer, you can take your friends and family members and enjoy the food at this restaurant. Even though it is slightly on the higher side when it comes to price, it is worth considering the calm and serene atmosphere and the unique theme of the restaurant. If you are planning to visit this restaurant on your Jaipur tour, make sure to know the exact location of the restaurant. It is very easy to reach this place from the city centre, and you can easily take a taxi or cab to reach this restaurant.

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