The fire dance: Enchanting Folk dance that startle

The royal land of Rajasthan has a number of attractions for tourists. The marble structures, royal palaces, and history of brave warriors are doubtlessly a few of these attractions, but the fire dance is something different than all these known features of this land. It is an unusual dance from the Banjara community of Bikaner who are simply an expert in the live performance of this dance. This known dance style describes the graceful lifestyle of Jasnathis folks who are from Bikaner as well as Churu districts of Rajasthan. It is believed that this particular form of dance is derived from the tantric powers of this community, and it rightly describes the same by various steps and stunts performed by the experts of Banjara community.
The dance:
This dance is usually performed on a big ground where the woods and charcoals are burnt. The boys and men with drums walk and dance on this fire. The performers also use kerosene and fire rods to make the performance livelier. They move the rods on their head, hands, and legs as well as exchange them between various dancers. It seems like they are fireproof but in fact, it is nothing but the result of their harder practice. The most attractive part of the dance is on the bed of burning wood and charcoal where the dancers keep on moving them.
The celebration:
This dance is performed by the Banjaras on the festivals such as Holi and Janmashtami. This dance symbolizes the bravery of this community and usually the skill is transferred as a legacy from one generation to another. At the beginning of the dance, the drum beats are slow and accordingly the dance is slow but with the passage of time the drum beats get faster and matching the beats the dance also catches the rhythm. Nowadays there are also many professional artists who perform the dance as a part of private and government celebrations also.
The most critical part of the dance is when the dancers dance on the charcoal with bare feet without any concern of getting burn. The cheers from audience energize them and motivate to offer best of their performance. There are many dancers who perform stunts with a kerosene lamp and throw a fireball in the air by flowing kerosene filled in their mouth. But this stunt seems dicer that is completely different from the popular fire dance act of the Banjaras from Bikaner and Churu.
Considering the importance of the Banjara tribe and their dance skill, the government as well as private organizations also have taken serious note of their dance and many promotional actions are taken to save this endangered dance skill from being vanished with the time.

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